What is Evan Lamicella Famous for? His Age, Height, GF, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Evan Lamicella

Since launching his TikTok channel in October 2019, Evan Lamicella has accumulated 1.5 million followers, and an impressive 91 million likes and counting – all thanks to his lip-syncing videos, comedy skits, and similar content.

Born on 9th March 1999 in New Jersey, USA, Evan describes himself on social media as ‘Your favorite Wasian’ and is proud of his Vietnamese heritage. The content creator previously uploaded a video which included a photo of himself with his father, who is of Caucasian descent, and his mother Cathy, a refugee from Vietnam who came to the US by herself in search of a better life.

Although Evan likes to protect his family’s privacy and doesn’t include his parents or two older brothers in his posts, he occasionally uploads sweet Instagram pics of himself with his nephew. He also shared that his parents are separated. Although Evan speaks positively about his father, it’s clear that his mother is one of his greatest inspirations, as he previously thanked her for teaching him invaluable life lessons, and encouraging him to always follow his dreams.



Despite becoming popular thanks to his comedy videos, Evan eventually began branching out and uploading fitness content; these days, his workout videos have become his most popular TikTok uploads. The New Jersey native clearly takes pride in his physique, and is known for posting shirtless and showing off the latest progress he’s made in the gym.

At 5ft 9ins (175cms) tall and weighing about 162lbs (73kgs), Evan stands out wherever he goes and has also gained thousands of fans thanks to his unique facial features. Although his followers have often encouraged him to start modeling, Evan is primarily focused on his online career, and doesn’t do many brand partnerships or sponsored posts.

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Apart from his active TikTok and Instagram profiles, Evan has a YouTube channel which he mainly uses for Q&A videos, short horror movies, and vlogs. In June 2021, the content creator returned to YouTube following an 18-month hiatus, and uploaded a video in which he answered questions about fitness, fashion, and his personal life.

The video in question has only been seen 23,000 times, but for those who are interested in learning more about Evan, it’s a great place to start. According to the influencer, he maintains his low body fat percentage by doing lots of cardio, having been inspired to start working out thanks to his dad. In high school, he played football and baseball, while also a member of the track team.

‘My dad, he was a huge guy and he started teaching me about the aesthetics and stuff,’ Evan said. After watching bodybuilding documentaries and learning more about Arnold Schwarzenegger and other big names in the fitness industry, Evan began lifting weights, which he credits with helping him overcome his insecurity of being chubby throughout his childhood.


Evan’s fitness journey began way back in 2015, and he quit all his other sports to focus on power lifting and achieving his dream body. Although finding the motivation to work out every single day isn’t always easy, the influencer likes to look at old pictures of himself and remind himself of how far he’s come. ‘You don’t ever want to get back to that point where you’re like depressed and eating yourself away,’ he advised viewers.

Moving on from Evan’s YouTube channel, he’s also active on Only Fans and has uploaded hundreds of explicit videos and photos for the benefit of his subscribers. This brings us to another significant event in the influencer’s life: namely, the recent incident which saw an anonymous netizen leak one of his videos, which soon became a trending topic amongst the TikTok community.

The leak occurred in January 2024 and featured a solo video of Evan which he had originally uploaded on Only Fans. The influencer was understandably mortified and referenced the leak in a TikTok video which he entitled: ‘Smiling but dying on the inside’. Luckily for Evan, he received an outpouring of support from his fans – and probably earned himself some new Only Fans subscribers along the way.

Personal Life

Since becoming internet famous in early 2020, Evan has yet to be romantically linked to anyone, although he sometimes references relationships in his videos. In April 2023, he uploaded a TikTok of himself showing his body off in a skintight bodycon dress, which some fans theorized belonged to his girlfriend; however, others pointed out that the outfit could’ve belonged to his mother.


Following the leak of one of his Only Fans videos, netizens also speculated that Evan was bisexual or in the closet. Three days after the leak, Evan took to Instagram to clear up any confusion, writing: ‘I truly don’t think it’s anyone’s business, but I’m straight. I’m not gay, nor a closeted gay and I’m very comfortable with myself, so if I was gay I would be very open about it.’

Evan finished off his message by asking netizens to stop assuming things about himself and others in general, and to spread love and positivity. ‘We’re all just people at the end of the day!’ he wrote. With that said, Evan’s message did little to dispel the rumors – many netizens still believe that he is, at the very least, bisexual and lying about his sexual orientation so as not to alienate his female fanbase.

Moving on to Evan’s hobbies (apart from fashion and fitness), the social media personality loves to travel and explore the outdoors. Most of his Instagram pics boast beautiful backdrops, and Evan is especially fond of going to the beach and spending the afternoon surfing. Although the influencer doesn’t travel out of the country much, he often enjoys mini-vacations in California.

Regarding Evan’s net worth, it’s estimated to be as high as $750,000, thanks to his TikTok creator status and popularity on Only Fans. Despite having a plethora of social media accounts, his YouTube videos don’t attract many views, and he is inactive on Twitch, which rules out two major potential income streams.

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