What is El Rey Grupero Famous for? His Age, Height, Spouse, Wiki

April 18, 2024
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El Rey Grupero

The Mexican content creator and influencer turned reality TV star El Rey Grupero (real name Luis Alberto Ordaz Balderas) was born on 1st May 1987, and launched his online career with his YouTube channel.

After gaining popularity thanks to his prank videos and short skits, Luis took things a step further by involving other minor celebrities in his content; these days, some of the YouTuber’s most popular videos are of him pranking Mexican celebs by smashing cake into their faces and splashing them with water.

With time, Luis’s antics have become more and more outrageous, to keep his viewers interested and earn new fans. His crossover into reality TV wasn’t exactly easy, as it took him a while to be taken seriously; however, he’s since participated in shows such as “La Casa de Los Famosos” and “Los 50”.

In March 2023, Luis showed fans his more vulnerable side, by opening up about the abuse he suffered when he was 10 years old. Despite describing his childhood as a happy one, the incident scarred Luis for life, as he said: ‘I thought it was my fault, and I spent a lot of afternoons wondering why things happened the way they did.’ [All quotes translated from Spanish]


While Luis didn’t go into too much detail, many of his followers believed that he was implying that he’d been sexually abused. This was the first and last time the YouTuber discussed the devastating event.

Although we don’t have any information regarding Luis’s height or weight, we do know that he’s considered a heartthrob in his home country, thanks to his sturdy physique and conventionally attractive good looks. In fact, the reality TV star previously regaled viewers of “La Casa de Los Famosos” with a raunchy striptease which went viral and earned him plenty of new fans.

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Personal Life

In October 2020, Luis made headlines when he was revealed to be dating the famous telenovela star Cynthia Klitbo. Netizens and gossip blog owners found the 20-year age gap between Luis and Cynthia somewhat scandalous, perhaps unused to seeing older women in happy relationships with younger men, whereas others believed that Luis was merely using the actress to get into TV circles.

Although Luis and Cynthia broke up in April 2021, their relationship definitely lasted longer than their fans believed it would. The actress shared the shocking news via Instagram, saying: ‘Unfortunately, love wasn’t enough. We weren’t able to integrate our life goals and happiness. However, our friendship remains intact. We will always continue to admire and have love for each other.’


Starting off with a clean slate, Cynthia also deleted all of Luis’s photos from her social media. In early 2022, she revealed that she’d actually broken up with the YouTuber due to his jealous nature,  but mere months later, they sparked rumors of a reconciliation after being photographed together in public. Although Cynthia later became frustrated with the media for linking her to the influencer, Luis continues to discuss his famous ex- in interviews whenever the opportunity arises.

June 2021 saw the YouTuber make his relationship with reality TV star Isa Castro public. The couple had only been dating for a few days when Isa began filming season eight of “Acapulco Shore”, and it didn’t take long for the redhead to succumb to temptation and share a steamy kiss with her co-star Eduardo Miranda.

Although Luis forgave Isa, her dalliance with Eduardo was too much for the YouTuber to overcome, and they broke up shortly afterwards.

In early 2023, while participating in season three of the Telemundo reality show “La Casa de Los Famosos”, Luis became interested in Aylín Mújica, a Cuban actress known for her standout performances in “Marina”, “Corazón valiente”, and “Sin senos no hay paraíso” to name a few.

Although Aylín turned Luis down as kindly as possible, they began dating after being voted off the reality show. Luis held a get-together at his house with Aylín and other former contestants of “La Casa de Los Famosos”, and once again asked the actress to be his girlfriend. Despite agreeing, the couple announced just 10 days later that they’d broken up.


‘I fell madly in love with [Aylín],’ Luis shared via Instagram. ‘We were able to be together outside [of the show] and every second of it was beautiful; being with her was magnificent, but unfortunately, we’re different people who must walk different paths.’ He also thanked the telenovela veteran, who was born in 1974, for the time they were able to spend together.

Although many feel that Luis should take a break from serial dating and focus on his career, he’s currently dating fitness coach Nanda Rocha. Nanda recently accused her former stepson, Simón Charaf Jones, of domestic violence – which wouldn’t be headline news if it weren’t for Simón’s famous mother Lupita Jones, a respected actress, authoress, and business woman but in her home country. Nanda was previously in a relationship with Simón’s deceased father, who was also allegedly abusive towards her.

Public Controversy

Luis’s outrageous YouTube persona, much like his long hair and signature sombrero, has become an integral part of his brand – and although the Mexican’s fiery personality has led to several public scandals, no publicity is bad publicity in Luis’s world.

In late April 2023, he and Aylín became a trending topic weeks after breaking up, when their intimate photos were leaked online. The following month, Luis slammed his former “Casa de Los Famosos” co-star Arturo Carmona, when the latter gave Aylín a stuffed bear and expressed that he was romantically interested in the actress.


Apart from uploading a video on social media in which he suggested that Arturo attend therapy and stop leading women on, Luis criticized the actor for giving Aylín a stuffed bear which had been given to him by a fan. Arturo replied by describing the YouTuber as incoherent and insinuating that Luis was the one who should go to therapy, not him.

As recently as January 2024, Luis landed himself in hot water after becoming aggressive with reporters and paparazzi. The comedian, who received plenty of criticism after pushing and yelling at said reporters, immediately went on Mexican TV to share his version of events.

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