What happened to Lola Rosales from ‘The Young and the Restless’?

April 18, 2024
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What is “The Young and the Restless”?

Set in a fictionalized version of Wisconsin’s Genoa City, “The Young and the Restless” is an American soap opera created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell and alternatively known as “Y&R”. Episodes were 30 minutes long from its premiere in March 1973 until early 1980, when they doubled in length; previous episodes were available to view on SOAPnet from 2006 to 2013.

“Y&R” is broadcast around the globe, and millions of viewers were instantly hooked on the drama between the filthy-rich Brooks family and the humble Fosters. In the early 1980s, all the original characters except Jill Foster Abbott were slowly phased out, and replaced with the Abbotts, the Williamses, the Newmans, the Barber-Winters, and the Baldwin-Fishers.

To date, “Y&R” has portrayed the longest ever rivalry in an American soap opera, namely the four-decades-long feud between Jill Abbott and Katherine Chancellor, which was also its longest storyline. Some of the prestigious accolades won by the show include 11 Daytime Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Drama Series category. Apart from breaking records by spending over two decades at the top of the weekly Nielsen ratings, “Y&R” has been the highest-rated daytime drama on US television since the 1990s.

Originally, “Y&R” was to be entitled “The Innocent Years!”, with the name being changed to mirror the general mood of the early 1970s. The real Genoa City which inspired the show’s setting is a place close to the Bell brothers’ heart, as it’s halfway between their childhood home in Chicago and their summer vacation home in Lake Geneva. “Y&R” is closely tied to its sister series “The Bold and the Beautiful” (“B&B”), and many actors and characters have switched between shows over the years.


Lola Rosales

Lola Rosales is a well-known character in “Y&R”, and was played by Sasha Calle from September 2018 to May 2021. It’s unknown if Lola, who is currently doing an internship in Miami, will return to Genoa City, as Sasha is preparing for upcoming movie roles and other projects.

Upon moving to Genoa City, Lola moved in with her brother Arturo, and saw herself in an awkward situation when his girlfriend, Abby Newman, found her bra at his place and thought Arturo was cheating on her. Lola is an attractive brunette who ran her own food truck, through which she met Kyle Abbott and many other residents of Genoa City.

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In the beginning, there was some tension between Lola and her estranged brother Rey, but the three siblings quickly got their relationship back on track, and she helped Rey move into his new house. Abby would soon get Lola a job as the head chef of her and Devon Hamilton’s restaurant, and everything seemed to be going well until the brown-eyed beauty began dating Kyle Abbott, and had to deal with his scorned ex-girlfriend, Summer Newman.

Fenmore Baldwin was another of Lola’s potential love interests, however, she turned him down as she wished to take her relationship with Kyle seriously. On a triple date, Lola accidentally revealed that she was a virgin – which Kyle already knew about and respected – and Summer used the information to her advantage. Lola’s somewhat temperamental personality led to issues with Kyle, as she was angry when he bought her a gift that she deemed too expensive, and kissed Fenmore at Devon’s New Year’s party, despite Kyle wanting to reconcile.


Despite Kyle and Lola eventually getting back together, Summer was constantly hovering in the background, waiting for her chance. As the restaurant’s inauguration neared, Lola felt overwhelmed and argued with Kyle for planning a trip to the Abbott cabin when she had so much on her plate. After an explosive argument, she broke up with Kyle and he went to the cabin alone; Lola later realized she’d made a huge mistake, and tracked him down to apologize.

On Valentine’s Day, Lola was attacked by Mia, the mother of her brother Arturo’s child, and fell into the pool. Kyle found her and saved her life, taking her to the hospital after failed attempts to revive her. Rey and Arturo decided to keep Kyle away from Lola, as before being attacked, she saw him kissing Summer at the cabin. A crestfallen Kyle snuck into Lola’s hospital room to visit her several times.

In a shocking turn of events, Lola woke up from her coma a month later, and discovered that Kyle and Summer had married. Kyle explained that he only married Summer to ensure that she’d save Lola’s life by donating part of her liver, but Lola wasn’t convinced, and believed that he was still in love with the other woman.


After recovering from surgery, Lola began working at Abby’s new restaurant. Despite feeling professionally fulfilled, she realized that her life without Kyle just wasn’t the same, and impatiently waited for him and Summer to divorce. When they finally did so, Lola and Kyle became engaged and moved in together, making extravagant wedding plans and eagerly counting down to their big day.

Abby was Lola’s maid of honor and threw the bridal shower, which was crashed by a bitter Summer. When Lola invited her to stay, the two women had a civil discussion despite being longtime love rivals. Although Summer and Lola struck up a tentative bond, and discovered they had much in common, other guests at the bridal shower were skeptical, despite Summer’s sincerity.

More problems occurred at the party, as Abby had arranged the arrival of an unwelcome guest: Lola’s mother, Celeste. Celeste was unaware that her daughter was already living with Kyle, and expected to move in with Lola immediately. Wanting to make a good impression, Kyle hurriedly moved his things out of the apartment so Celeste could move in. Unfortunately, living with Celeste was far from easy, as she criticized her daughter’s appearance, and began flirting with her future father-in-law, Jack.

An old friend of Kyle named Theo returned to Genoa City, and told Lola about her future husband’s womanizing past. Kyle and Lola went to a coffee shop, where he explained his past and remarked that Theo’s life was vapid and self-absorbed. Overhearing the conversation, Theo walked away bitterly, and told Celeste the truth about her future son-in-law. Overwhelmed and anxious, Lola told Kyle she needed space; Kyle and Theo argued bitterly, and their friendship came to an unpleasant end.

After a blazing argument with Lola, Celeste moves back to Miami. Meanwhile, a friend offered to throw Lola and Kyle a joint bachelor-bachelorette party, but two fights ensue: one between Kyle and Theo, and another between Abby and Summer. After the disastrous party, Lola received a letter from her estranged father Adrian, and had to decide if she wanted him to come to her wedding or not.

On the big day, Rey and Celeste – who has been convinced to return to Genoa City – walk Lola down the aisle. Unfortunately, Adrian gatecrashes the wedding, along with Theo and an underaged girl named Zoe Hardisty who had past dealings with Kyle. Despite the craziness, the newlyweds have a pleasant honeymoon but are brought back to reality after coming home. Summer calls Zoe a clingy kid, and Zoe retaliates by spiking the sangria at the opening of Abby’s hotel. Summer drinks the spiked sangria and kisses Kyle, but luckily, Lola is understanding of the situation.


Later on, Lola and Theo get to know each other better, which makes Kyle jealous. Mere months after marrying, he divorces Lola after realizing he was in love with Summer all along. Rey is particularly enraged about this, and warns Kyle to stay away from his sister. Meanwhile, Theo acts a supportive friend, and eventually, things between him and Lola turn romantic.

Ultimately, Lola breaks up with Theo, and he leaves Genoa City shortly afterwards. During a girl’s night out to try and cheer-up Lola, a mutual friend drinks too much, and reveals that Kyle and Summer eloped. The news hits Lola hard, but it turns out not to be true: the night before they were meant to marry, Summer saw Kyle texting Lola, and returned to Genoa City on her own.

Summer begins spying on Lola and Kyle, and is caught by Lola, who finds the situation amusing if somewhat bothersome. Lola gets a new roommate named Elena, who is Devon’s ex-girlfriend and was kicked out of his place after cheating on him. Lola and Elena bond over their unfortunate love lives, and go out for an evening of entertainment, where they catch Kyle and Summer arguing in a hotel lobby. Tired of the situation, Lola has an outburst and leaves, vowing to forget all about the two.

Shortly afterwards, a Floridian restaurant conglomerate invites Lola to do an internship as guest chef. As of April 2022, Lola has no family left in Genoa City, as her brother Rey was killed in a car crash and Arturo had moved away. Fans of the show eagerly await Lola’s return, but admit that it isn’t looking likely.

Sasha Calle

Born in August 1995, Sasha Calle is an American actress best-known for her portrayal of Lola Rosales on “Y&R”, which earned her her first Daytime Emmy Award nomination. Prior to joining the soap opera, she had just one acting credit as Virginia in the miniseries “Socially Awkward”.


Sasha is of Colombian descent, and has one younger brother. She spent much of her childhood in her native Boston, Massachusetts, but spent two years in Colombia with her mother, moving back to the US at the age of 12. Sasha obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

In February 2021, Sasha landed her first film role as Supergirl in the DC Extended Universe, and has filmed scenes for “The Flash”, which is set to premiere in June 2023. As the first Latina actress to play the role, Sasha’s affiliation with DC has earned her much publicity, and helped raise her profile.

However, it’s not all positive: in August 2022, various news outlets reported the possible cancellation of “Supergirl”, which came shortly after “Batgirl” was shelved following poor reviews in test screenings. DC fans were understandably left reeling by the news – “Batgirl” is amongst the most expensive films in history to be pulled in its post-production stages, meaning that “Supergirl” isn’t safe either.

If Sasha is feeling nervous about the DC Extended Universe’s uncertain future, she hasn’t let it be known. The making of “The Flash” has been plagued by problems since the beginning, changing directors on several occasions, and receiving negative publicity due to the erratic behavior and numerous arrests of its protagonist, Ezra Miller.

The actor’s legal woes in North Dakota, Hawaii, and Massachusetts include accusations of psychological intimidation, violence, grooming minors, and more. Previously, he was also accused of grabbing a woman by the throat and throwing her to the ground, after an altercation occurred at a bar in Iceland. Although DC has invested too much time and money into “The Flash” to cancel it, its spin-off, “Supergirl”, could very likely be shelved.

On a more positive note, Sasha is a keen integrant of the fashion world, and recently walked at NYFW for the luxury brand Coach. The brunette is a fierce campaigner of social causes, and defends BLM and other organizations such as the Audre Lorde Project, the Solutions Not Punishments Collaborative, and the Transgender Law Center.


The actress’s Instagram feed is peppered with artsy outfit shots, stunning scenery snaps, and the occasional selfie with friends. Sasha is close to her family, especially her younger brother, and has many hobbies such as playing the guitar, and exploring nature. Her dating history is rather obscure, as she has yet to be linked publicly to anyone, and her sexual orientation is unknown.

Although Sasha shies away from discussing too much of her private life, she previously revealed that she helped her mother find love for the second time. While working at an Italian restaurant in Florida, Sasha was often visited by her mother, and convinced her manager, Kevin, to ask her out when he showed interest. Sasha’s mother and Kevin are now married, and he’s believed to share a close bond with his famous stepdaughter.

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