What happened to Caleb Coffee? His Age, Height, Net Worth, GF

April 18, 2024
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Caleb Coffee

When YouTube prankster Caleb Coffee revealed that he’d been in a potentially deadly accident in August 2023, many of his followers thought he was lying or exaggerating for the sake of going viral. The content creator was first exposed to the spotlight in 2013, when his father, Jason, began featuring him in his Vine videos – since then, he’s gone from low-budget comedy skits to having millions of fans across virtually every platform imaginable.

Caleb was born on 28th March 2005, in Sacramento, California, USA, and is the best-known member of the Coffee family. A natural in front of the camera, it appears that Caleb was destined to become famous, and in the last decade his followers have seen him grow from a somewhat awkward child of 8 to a confident and self-assured young man.

The TikToker’s brief but eventful relationship with fellow social media star Brooklyn Van Zandt was first confirmed sometime in 2022. Brooklyn is an aspiring actress and successful model who’s currently represented by the Kim Dawson Agency; in 2017, she was named amongst the Top 25 Models of the year. Sadly, Caleb and Brooklyn are no longer together.

Coffee Family

Jason is the patriarch of the Coffee clan, and chose his distinctive moniker after working in the coffee industry for over a decade. Born on 12th August 1980, in Sacramento, the future content creator married Chassy at just 22 years old; other details regarding his parents, early years, and education level remain a mystery.


In January 2013, Jason created a Vine account, and began uploading family-friendly content with his wife and three children. When the platform was discontinued in 2016, the social media influencer crossed over to other platforms, and continued to do what he does best: namely, daily vlogs, pranks, and challenge videos mostly featuring his nearest and dearest.

Despite having lived in California all his life, Jason later moved his family to Hawaii; they also lived in Texas for an unspecified period of time. As far as we’re aware, Jason quit his day job as soon as he began earning enough money from social media to sustain his household.

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Moving on to Chassy, she’s been quietly supportive of Jason’s ventures since they tied the knot in April 2003, but doesn’t wish to become famous. Despite her husband and children having millions of followers, the homemaker allows them to enjoy the limelight and only posts sporadically.

Jason and Chassy welcomed their first child, Isaac, on 23rd July 1999. Similarly to his two younger siblings, Isaac began building up his media presence by featuring in Vine videos alongside his dad. Further down the line, Isaac became well-known in his own right thanks to his dance videos – however, he’s since fallen off the radar and chosen a different career path.

Middle sibling Peyton Coffee was born on 28th January 2004. From the beginning, she appeared in Jason’s Vine videos and even amassed 50,000 followers on her personal account until it was shut down. The blonde has proven herself to be enormously popular on TikTok, as her videos often go viral, racking up tens of millions of views.


Growing up in a digital age isn’t easy, especially when you’re exposed to millions of strangers. However, Peyton has navigated her online fame well, and makes sure not to reveal too many details about her private life. Although she was once rumored to be dating a close friend named Sebastian Moy, the Californian is believed to be single at time of writing.


On 16th August 2023, Caleb was hospitalized after falling over 60 feet, almost 20 meters during an illegal hike in Hawaii with three friends. During the trek, the TikToker slipped off a bluff and landed on lava rocks – after being airlifted to the emergency room, he and his family learned that he had broken his femur, elbow, and wrist, and suffered a spinal fracture.

Being a supportive sibling, Peyton wasted no time in setting up a GoFundMe campaign to pay for Caleb’s hospital bills. According to the page, the social media star also had multiple gouges and burns throughout his entire body. ‘He also hasn’t been able to hold down food,’ Peyton wrote. ‘The medics have informed us more injuries will most likely pop up over the next few weeks.’

The next day, Jason posted an Instagram update in which he told followers that Caleb remained conscious and in stable condition. Although fans were initially concerned about the extent of Caleb’s injuries, they soon turned against the Coffee family – who are said to be worth over $3.5 million – when Jason asked his followers for money due to Caleb not having medical insurance.


Anyone who’s been keeping up with the Coffee family is aware that they’ve worked with big brands over the years such as Nintendo, Discovery, and Kellogg’s. As such, the GoFundMe didn’t go down well with netizens – especially when media outlets confirmed that Caleb had been hiking through an area that is restricted to members of the public, and that he’d been planning on filming content during the illegal hike.

After days of backlash, Caleb himself spoke out and insisted that he didn’t have the money to pay the six-figure hospital bills. He also denied claims that his family had various properties, including a mansion, which they could sell to help alleviate the cost of his medical care. Despite the GoFundMe raising almost $30,000 at the time of Caleb’s video, the Coffees were perhaps surprised at the low turnout, taking into account their combined 16 million followers.

‘I just want to be able to live my life after this and not be in debt,’ Caleb said in a TikTok video which he recorded in his hospital bed. As the GoFundMe page is no longer available, we are unable to confirm if the Coffees reached their ambitious $100,000 goal.

We’re pleased to confirm that Caleb has since recovered from his injuries, but unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding his accident have stained his reputation – perhaps forever. The content creator’s latest Instagram uploads have received hundreds of negative comments, with Caleb being accused of lying when he said that doctors informed him that he’d never walk again.


Meanwhile, Peyton has also faced backlash after pretending to have autism.

Caleb’s current height and net worth are unknown. Although most websites claim that the content creator is worth $1 million, this is probably erroneous information.

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