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April 18, 2024
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Born Lea Martinez under the sign of Capricorn on 10 January 2003, Slayeas is a 20-year-old Hispanic social media celebrity, adult entertainer, Twitch streamer and TikTok creator. She’s probably easiest to recognize through her TikTok account, which features numerous videos of her cosplaying, vlogging, and creating humorous skits, as well as content meant to be generally relatable for most of the website’s users. She’s enjoyed significant success over the course of her sometimes lucrative social media entertainment career since an unspecified date.

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Early life & education: Yet to be clarified

Slayeas has kept her personal life under a tight lid, sharing virtually no information about her childhood. It’s known from one of her Q&A videos that she grew up with several older siblings, having been raised in her birthplace by parents of unknown names and professions. One of her earliest fascinations was the “Star Wars” franchise, which she got involved in following the example of her brothers and sisters. This sparked a passion for sci-fi material overall, prompting her to start watching various films and TV series from the genre, prominently “Star Trek”. At some point, she realized it would be an honor to replicate the appearance of various imaginary characters, initially drawing them in her notebook.

As for her education, Slayeas attended a local high school in her birthplace, from where she matriculated in 2021. Her interest in college waned before the opportunity was even presented, owing to her sharp focus on developing a career as soon as she was able to fully dedicate herself to it. Fans thus don’t believe that she will ever opt for a college education, seeing as it doesn’t really hold any significance in the content creator niche.


Career: Becoming someone else

Slayeas began making her signature content at some point during the explosion of TikTok’s popularity, most prominently throughout the 2020 global lockdowns, when the average number of regular internet users skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. In other words, the golden age of content creation gave birth to millions of new channels and ideas, one of which belongs to Martinez. While initially not as keen to show every curve available on her body, especially due to being underage at the time, the rising star slowly began to capitalize on the brash sexualization of her uploads. The bulk of the content would revolve around the seemingly endless costumes she would produce, just for a video or two, most of which would be highly revealing, as that apparently drove the most clicks to her pages.

Being the eternal “Star Wars” fan that she is, Slayeas makes sure to incorporate lightsabers and other franchise-specific gadgets into what she creates with unwavering consistency. Over the years she became particularly good at waving the would-be laser swords like the jedi warriors from the films – a skill she’s quite proud of, which also appears to do wonders for her follower count. Being a so-called ‘nerd,’ just for the fact that she’s into “Star Wars”, Slayeas is apparently a dedicated gamer too, and her favorite way to spend time at a PC is playing “Dead by Daylight.” She also uses this activity to diversify her content and broaden her audience, streaming on Twitch and sometimes sharing her in-game footage on TikTok.

This is also where she finds endless inspiration for cosplaying videogame characters, her best-recognized renditions being D.Va, or simply Dva from “Overwatch”, and Lady Dimitrescu from “Resident Evil Village,” both of which are notably extremely sexualized even in their originally designed forms. Slayeas naturally takes their inherent lewdness to a far greater extent, since this drives a massive male audience to all of her links. Even though she can be found on Twitch, YouTube and Instagram, her TikTok presence outshines them all. The reason for this is that she had over the years become quite adept at making engaging short-form content, that isn’t static, such as a picture on Instagram, doesn’t require a lot of editing unlike a YouTube video, and whose boring moments can all be left out, which can’t be done on a livestream.


As a result, she dominates the Chinese platform but sees little success elsewhere, though not for a lack of trying. Slayeas remains quite persistent on all four of these websites, uploading different kinds of content wherever she can. Her YouTube is used mostly for uploading lightsaber reviews and giveaways, long-form game content that is shorter than full Twitch playthroughs, “Star Wars” rants, and an occasional Q&A. That’s not all, however, as her final source of income is none other than passes.com – another OnlyFans copycat site with pretty much the same premise. Her profile description there boasts ‘more fun’ than usual for those who subscribe, and seeing how she’s almost naked on TikTok, her fans can get a hint from that. The site offers two packs from a price of $5. Finally, her Twitter is stacked with picture posts containing lewd outfits as well.


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Attending internet events

Although she is generally just another adult entertainer, Slayeas apparently remains a dedicated gamer, willing to go the extra mile and try herself against the best. Aside from “Dead by Daylight,” she also enjoys playing “Fortnite,” which is incredibly popular, and actually earns its professional players an income greater than all of Slayeas’ sources combined. However, it also takes considerable skill to master, so the trade-off is fair. According to Forbes, this videogame is so popular that over six million players attended the celebration of an old battleground map’s return. In fact, they called “Fortnite” the ‘Unreal Money Engine’ of Epic Games, its parent company, paying homage to the fact that it was created using a collection of software called Unreal Engine.

According to esportsinsider.com, Slayeas was very happy to get on this train as well, opting to participate in AT&T’s own tournament called the AT&T Annihilator Cup, which features a number of competitions in some of the most popular fast-paced player versus player (PVP) games on the market, including “Apex Legends,” “Street Fighter,” “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” (“CSGO”), and “Fortnite.” She was set to join alongside a few other popular streamers, including Disguised Toast, Dr Lupo, summit1G, and others. Streamer iiTzTimmy ultimately took home the $100,000 prize, leaving Slayeas and her colleagues in the dust.


Net worth: How rich is Slayeas?

Some of the most reputable sources have estimated that Slayeas’ accumulated wealth is somewhere in the range of $500,000. She’s managed to garner this sum over a number of years of trying her best to attract as vast a male audience as possible, especially on TikTok. That said, it can be concluded that she makes a sizable chunk of her income from the aforementioned adult content website. She notably also saves some money by having her fans purchase various items off of her Amazon wish-list link, found on her Instagram page.

Body measurements: What are her sizes?

Slayeas is 5ft 5ins (165cms) tall, weighs 124lbs (56kgs), with vital statistics of 34-24-35, bra size of 32D, shoe size 7.5, and dress size 5. She has dark green eyes and natural light-to-dark-brown hair, an ordinarily fair or slightly tanned complexion, and a body type most would describe as curvy.

Social media presence

Slayeas has nearly four million followers on TikTok, exceeding 620,000 on Instagram, over 370,000 on Twitter, close to 170,000 on Twitch, just about 80,000 on Threads, and somewhat less than 40,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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