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February 16, 2024
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Directors Andy Wachowski (L) and Lana Wachowski attend the 2nd Annual Australians in Film Awards Gala at Intercontinental Hotel on October 24, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.AFP PHOTO/JOE KLAMAR (Photo credit should read JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)

The Wachowski Siblings, aka Lana and Lilly Wachowski, were born in Chicago, Illinois USA, of Jewish, Polish, and American ancestry. Lana (formerly Larry) was born on 21 June 1965 and Lilly (formerly Andy) was born on 26 December 1967. The Wachowskis are probably best known as the directors and writers of the box office science fiction trilogy, the Matrix Series.

Respected film directors, screenwriters and producers, how rich are the Wachowski siblings? Sources estimate that the Wachowskis’ net worth is over $250 million dollars, accumulated during their career in the entertainment industry which began in the mid-1990s. They are quite secretive, and not much is known publicly about the extent of their net worth and assets except for their modest houses near the Los Angeles beach.

Wachowski Siblings $250 million

The Wachowski siblings were born to parents Ron Wachowski, a businessman, and Lynne Wachowski, a nurse. Their parents were film buffs who liked taking them to the movies and discussing and analyzing the film with them afterwards, which led the Wachowski siblings to be passionate about the movies and the arts. The Wachowskis attended Kellogg Elementary School, then Whitney Young High School, but dropped out of college to pursue to their business interests, which include a house painting and construction business.

The Wachowski siblings’ Hollywood career started out in 1995, as writers for the Stallone and Banderas action movie “Assassins.” This opened up new opportunities for them, and they became writers and directors of the 1996 heist movie “Bound”. However, the Wachowskis’ biggest breakthrough hit would come three years later in 1999, when “The Matrix” was released, which enjoyed international success and cemented the Wachowskis on the Hollywood A-list. This science fiction slash philosophical film about a future dystopian world became a blockbuster hit, and spawned two sequels in 2003, “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions”. The entire franchise earned more than $1 billion dollars worldwide, so their net worth became well established.

Although the Matrix was their most popular hit, the Wachowskis’ net worth can also be credited to many other sources. They either served as directors, producers or screenwriters for a wide variety of films, such as “V for Vendetta”, “Speed Racer”, “Cloud Atlas” and “Jupiter Ascending”. In total, they have either written, directed or produced over 20 films. Currently, the Wachowskis are hard at work preparing the 2nd season of their TV series “Sense8”, which will be released on Netflix in May 2017.

In their personal lives, The Wachowskis are very secretive and avoid publicity. During the height of the Matrix trilogy’s popularity, the siblings even negotiated with Warner Brothers that they wouldn’t do press releases. However, from what is known, Lana (formerly Larry) completed her gender reassignment surgery in 2008 after the release of “Speed Racer”, and is now married to Karin Winslow. Lilly (formerly Andy) came out as a transgender woman four years after Lana. She is still married to Alisa Blasingame, her partner of 26 years.

Although reclusive, the Wachowskis are active in support of the TransLife Center, a foundation that helps homeless LGBT youth. They have received many awards for their work in addressing transgender issues.

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