Tory Burch Net Worth

June 15, 2023
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Tory Burch is a successful businesswoman, fashion designer and also a philanthropist. Tory is even considered to be one of the most powerful women. During her career as a fashion designer, Tory has won The Accessory Brand Launch of the year award, Rising Star Award and also the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award. What is more, Tory has also appeared in such television shows as “Fashion King” and “Gossip Girl”.

So how rich is Tory Burch? It has been estimated that Tory’s net worth is $1 billion. This is a huge sum of money, and it might become even higher as Tory continues her career.

Tory Burch Net Worth $1 Billion

Better known to the world as Tory Burch, Tory Tobinson was born in 1966 in Pennsylvania. Tory studied at Agnes Irwin School and later at the Univeristy of Pennsylvania. There she graduated with a degree in art history. While studying at the university, Tory worked at Benetton, a famous fashion brand company. Although it was not a very serious job, it still started Tory Burch’s net worth. When Tory finished university, she started to work with the famous fashion designer Zoran. Later she also had an opportunity to work with Vera Vang. This had a huge impact on the growth of Tory’s net worth.

In 2004 Tory launched her own fashion label called “TRB by Tory Burch”, now known as “Tory Burch”. Now this label has a lot of stores all over the world and there is no surprise that it is one of the main sources of Tory Burch’s net worth. Her label was even advertised by Oprah Winfrey on her show. In 2014 Tory collaborated with Fitbit Flex, as she made accessories for their activity-tracking device.

Tory is so famous as a fashion designer because the clothes designed by her are easy to wear, beautiful and elegant. That is why she is very famous among the younger generation all over the world. As mentioned before, Tory is also a philanthropist. In 2009 she created her own foundation, called “Tory Burch foundation”, which helps women to start their own businesses. Burch’s high net worth allows her to invest some money in order to help other people who want to fulfill their dreams. What is more, Tory is a member of the boards of such organizations as “Breast Cancer Research Foundation”, “Startup America Partnership”, “Council of Fashion Designers of America” and others. This also makes her more famous and acclaimed not only as a fashion designer, but also as one of the most influential women in the world.

Tory was married twice and unfortunately both marriages ended up in divorce. Her first husband was William Macklowe, and her second husband J. Christopher Burch.

All in all, it could be said that Tory Burch is one of the most successful women. Tory has achieved a lot as she started working hard from the very beginning of her career. As said before, there is a high chance that Tory Burch’s net worth will grow.

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