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April 18, 2024
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Tommy David Morrison, born on the 2nd of January 1969, was an American professional boxer, famously known as the WBO heavyweight title holder, and for appearing alongside Sylvester Stallone in the movie “Rocky V”. Morrison passed away in September 2013 from cardiac arrest.

So how much was Morrison’s net worth? As of early 2016, it was reported by sources to be $10,000 gained from his career as a professional boxer.

Tommy Morrison Net Worth $10,000 Dollars

Born in Gravette, Arkansas USA, Morrison was the son of Diana and Tim. Although he suffered a tough child hood, Morrison decided to focus on boxing, just as his brother Tim was a fan of the sport. At the age of ten he was already training for the sport, and at the age of thirteen, he joined “toughman” and fought fifteen fights, even though the competition was only allowed for 21-years-olds.

Morrison’s early career started at the age of nineteen, joining local competitions and even competing in the Western Olympic trials in Texas. After failing to qualify for the Olympics, Morrison decided to go professional.

The first two years of Morrison’s career came smoothly with almost 20 wins with no losses. In 1989, actor Sylvester Stallone saw one of his fights and offered Morrison work with him in the fifth instalment of his boxing film series, “Rocky”. After he read a script for Sylvester Stallone, Morrison got the part of Tommy “The Machine” Gunn, protégé of Stallone’s character, Rocky Balboa who eventually became his opponent. His character drew great response from fans and his performance in the movie became one of his most memorable projects, propelling him to stardom and greatly improving his wealth.

After his stint in Hollywood, Morrison came back in the ring and continued to perform well, beating boxers like James Tillis and Pinklon Thomas. Although he suffered his first loss against Ray Mercer in 1991, his career continued to flourish, adding the names of Art Tucker, Joe Hipp, and Carl Williams to the list of boxers he defeated.

One of the highlight of Morrison’s career came in 1993 when he defeated boxing superstar George Foreman. The fight lasted for twelve rounds with intense punching power from both sides, but in the end Morrison was named the winner of the WBO heavyweight belt. His performance once again wowed the boxing world and added a hefty increase to his net worth.

Morrison’s career started to really thrive after his win over Foreman, and although he suffered a surprising defeat against Michael Bentt, he continued to collect more wins to his name. Despite a great career, Morrison’s personal life suffered, becoming involved in various reckless acts. In 1996, Morrison was forced to retire from boxing when he tested positive for HIV, which he contested over the following years, but without success.

In terms of his personal life, Morrison had two children from previous relationships, apparently being married to two women simultaneously. He was also in trouble with the law several times, involving DUI and drug possession. In September 2013, Morrison died in Omaha, Nebraska at the age of 44, officially due to cardiac arrest, but according to his mother, resulting from AIDS. Although his career and life was cut short, Morrison is best remembered with an incredible record of having only 3 losses and 1 draw out of 52 fights. He is survived by his wife Trisha, whom he married in 2011.

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