Tommy Hilfiger Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Thomas Jacob Hilfiger was born on 24 March 1951, in Elmira, New York State USA, of German-Swiss and Irish descent. He is a well-known fashion designer, famous for creating his own, self-named company. During his career Tommy has created many product lines, including “True Star Gold”, “Red Label”, “Tommy Jeans”, “Hilfiger Athletics” and “Tommy Girl” among others. Despite the fact that he is now 64 years old, Tommy still continues creating new products, and expanding his company.

So how rich is Tommy Hilfiger, as of early 2018? It is estimated by authoritative sources that Tommy’s net worth is $400 million; it is clear that the main source of this sum of money is the work of his clothing company. There is no doubt that various product lines that were created by Hilfiger have gained him a huge sum of money. In addition to this, Tommy’s other activities have also boosted his net worth.

Tommy Hilfiger Net Worth $400 Million

Tommy’s father was a jeweler, so maybe he also had an influence on Tommy’s choice to also become interested in arts and design, and why he studied at The High School of Art & Design. Tommy did not continue his studies after high school, but decided to start working, and making and saving money. After a period of saving, Tommy was able to open a store in Elmira, called “People’s Place”, which turned out to be quite successful, and this was the time when Tommy’s net worth really began growing. Despite this fact, the shop was closed in 1975, and then Tommy received an invitation to work with such designers as Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein. Somewhat strangely perhaps, Tommy did not accept any of the offers, but did study business, and after also gaining more work experience, in 1979 he created another company called Tommy Hill, also forming a design team after watching production lines in India, then founded the company 20th Century Survival in 1981l, followed a year later by Click Point, now designing women’s clothing. Subsequently, after working for Calvin Klein as a designer, with the help of businessman Mohan Murjani he launched what became his iconic Tommy Hilfiger company in 1986, which eventually had a huge impact on the growth of Tommy’s net worth, as it soon became one of the most reputable, and so successful, in the fashion industry, so that in 1995 the Council of Fashion Designers of America named him Menswear Designer of the Year.

In 2005 a reality show called “The Cut” was created, which showcased the competition between people who wanted to work with Tommy, and which gained a lot of attention. In 2010 Hilfiger decided to sell his company and focus on his other projects, and the owner of Calvin Klein, Phillips-Van Heusen, bought the  Corporation for $3 billion, but retained the name; Tommy remained the chief designer, but the deal also significantly boosted Hilfiger’s net worth. Additionally, annual sales of over $6 billion for the company have been maintained.

In 2016, Hilfiger’s autobiography “American Dreamer” was published, which not only detailed his own life experiences, but also lifted the curtain by exposing what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry.

If to talk about Tommy Hilfiger’s personal life, it can be said that in 1980 he married Susie Cirona, with whom he has four children, but their marriage ended in 2000, Eight years later Tommy married Dee Ocleppo, and is living with her in New York City; they have one child.

Tommy is also a notable philanthropist, having created The Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation in 1995, which particularly supports health, cultural and educational programs,and supports other charities focusing on under-privileged American youth.

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