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April 18, 2024
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Todd Carmichael is an entrepreneur, television personality, adventure traveler, philanthropist, inventor, producer and author, born on 30th August 1963 in Spokane, Washington USA. He is best known for becoming the first American to cross Antarctica to the South Pole. Apart from this, he is also the founder, sourcer and CEO of the “La Colombe Torrefaction” coffee company and boutique chain.

Have you ever wondered how rich Todd Carmichael is? According to sources it has been estimated that Todd Carmichael’s overall net worth is $2 million, accumulated his largely by founding and developing a worldwide operating company, but also for gaining fame after his South Pole expedition. He is still active in several fields, so his net worth continues to increase.

Todd Carmichael Net Worth $2 Million

Todd was one of four children in the family, and he and his three sisters were raised by his single mother. As a child, he showed an interest in exploring and sports, and started hiking when he was eleven. Through his teenage years, he began long distance running, and completed his first marathon when he was fifteen. After his family moved to Spokane’s South Hill, he attended Ferris High School, where he took part in the Ferris’ state championship squad. Upon matriculation, he received a running scholarship for the University of Washington, where he studied business. After graduating, he started working for Enrst & Young in accounting.

However, his lifelong passion was for coffee, developed while working at Starbucks warehouse, and it was at this time that he also met his future business partner Jean Philippe Iberti.

Carmichael went on a traveling expedition for six years until the end of 1993, when he reconnected with his friend and settled in Philadelphia. They created what they referred to as “culinary coffee”, and opened their first cafe, “La Colombe Torrefaction”, in May 1994. The demand for their unique coffee blends soon increased, and they opened a roastery in Port Richmond. La Colombe coffee is now served in numerous elite restaurants and cafes in the US, but also in Seoul, South Korea.

Also a lifelong social change activist, philanthropist and adventurist, Todd initially became involved in resurrecting Haiti’s coffee bean production, significantly contributing to the country’s ailing economy. Then he raised more than $250,000 for the Orangutan Foundation International, through his World Record-breaking adventure to the South Pole, which he accomplished in 2008 – the first American to reach the South Pole unassisted and on foot. The video Todd kept of his journey became a National Geographic documentary – “Race to the Bottom of the Earth”(2010).

Aside from other charitable donations, he has also collaborated with actor Leonardo DiCaprio in creating a special coffee blend, the sales of which fund wildlife protection, clean-water projects and forest preservation.

Privately, Carmichael is married to singer Lauren Hart, who he met at an interview regarding his upcoming expedition to the South Pole which she was hosting. The couple has four children, all adopted from Ethiopia. In 2011, Todd was named “American of the Year” by Esquire Magazine and “Person of the Year” by Philadelphia Magazine. Also, the “Food Republic” named him their no.1 “Coffee Power Ranking” person in 2014.

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