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March 22, 2023
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Theodore John ‘‘Theo’’ Stevenson was born on 27 February 1998, in Oxfordshire, England and is best known as an actor, who starred in ‘‘Horrid Henry: The Movie’’, and portrays Craig in ‘‘Humans’’.

So just how rich is Theo Stevenson as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, this actor has net worth of $700,000, accumulated from his 11 years-long career in the mentioned field.

Theo Stevenson Net Worth $700,000

When it comes to Stevenson’s education, he attended St John’s School. In 2007, Theo made his debut with the role of ‘‘Fred Claus’’, in which he portrayed Young Nick, and in 2008, had yet another cameo in ‘‘In Bruges’’. As of 2010, he played Jake Rubin in ‘‘Reuniting The Rubins’’, a comedy drama film in which he starred alongside Timothy Spall and James Callis; however, the film earned a mostly negative response. In 2011, Theo had one of his first major projects, playing Horrid Henry in the movie of the same title. Despite earning mostly negative response, the film earned one award, the Special Achievement Award given by Irina Palm d’Or. After that, he went on to act in several movies – in 2014 he was cast to play Craig in ‘‘Millie Inbetween’’ a 2014 series starring alongside Tallulah Greive and Jeremy Edwards,  ultimately nominated for a BAFTA British Academy Children’s Award, after earning critical acclaim. Stevenson worked on the project over the course of the following two years, finishing with it in 2016.

During that time, he also began playing Toby Hawkins in ‘‘Humans’’, a science fiction drama series following the storyline of a parallel present in which humankind uses the latest gadget, ‘‘Synth’’, designed to be their servant. The series achieved considerable success and acclaim, and was nominated for several awards such as the Satellite Awards in the category of Best Television Series in 2015 and the BAFTA TV Award for Best Drama Series.

As of the most recent past, he landed the role of Jake in ‘‘Butterfly Kisses’’, playing the main character in the story focused on a group of people with troubled behavior, who engage in problematic behavior such as adultery, while his character, Jake has his own demons that he can’t talk about. The film also achieved success and numerous nominations, such as for the World Fiction Award for Best Film, given by Los Angeles Film Festival Best UK First Feature by East End Film Festival, UK in addition to winning the Crystal Bear award for Generation 14plus – Best Film.

When it comes to Stevenson’s private life, he is reportedly dating Mil Clarkson, although he didn’t make any announcements about their relationship. Nevertheless, Theo shared plenty of their photos on her birthday and thus, many assume that two of them are together.

He shares a fair amount of information through social media – he’s active on Twitter and followed by 19,000 people, is dedicated to spreading awareness on several social issues.

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