The Untold Truth About ‘Bath Crashers’

April 18, 2024
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Home renovation-shows are certainly more than a TV trend at this point. Although this specific brand of reality series has existed for decades now, with the passing of time these shows have been improving and innovating the concept of remodeling we used to have.

In this regard, the DIY Network’s shows have done an incredible job of bringing new perspectives, takes and technologies into the field. As part of the network’s acclaimed “Crashers” series, we can’t leave out “Bath Crashers”, which despite having ended years ago, still brings us joy for the many iconic, ingenious, elegant and functional bathroom renovations it presented to its audience for several seasons.

So what are the secrets behind “Bath Crashers”? Why did it leave TV screens? Is there a lawsuit against them, and what happened to the cast? Be ready to know the Untold Truth About “Bath Crashers”!

Renovations Are Very Expensive For A Reason

As much as we loved to see “Bath Crashers” renovations happen, it was inevitable to question how the financial factor of the show actually worked. Anyway, if there was something certain about “Bath Crashers”, it’s that neither Matt Muenster nor the homeowners seemed to mind spending several thousands of dollars on every project.

Nonetheless, that specific aspect of the show is planned like that. As Matt once said in an interview with Winona Daily News, the show purposefully intended its projects not to be cheap. In his words, having a big budget set the series apart from others, and more importantly, it showed the audience what a well-planned and generous bathroom renovation looked like.

While spending so much money remodeling a bathroom is not affordable for everyone, the thing with “Bath Crashers” is that homeowners are completely willing to accept the show’s terms.


If spending a couple of thousands on a bathtub doesn’t seem to really be a problem, the big question is who pays for it? The answer is that homeowners only pay for taxes related to the US laws, but the operational and filming costs are paid solely by the show’s producers.

Matt Is More Than Some Local Contractor

Although the show promotes him as a contractor, Matt Muenster is actually a professional interior designer. Graduating from the Madison-based University of Wisconsin, it’s not surprising that Matt’s renovation skills are top notch. Though unknowingly to many, his beginnings in the field started away from shower tiles and faucets.

Starting with restaurants’ renovations and local nightlife business, Matt’s talent outgrew his native Wisconsin, and eventually led him to work with independent clients around the world. Even then, his rise to fame only came with his debut on TV in 2008, actually several years before “Bath Crashers” premiered.

Knowing how impressive his professional background is, it’s easy to assume Matt always knew what and how to do his work in the show. However, as he admitted, the process of creating a fitting design takes some time, which it’s not always affordable for TV sake. This often leads him to solve any issues and inconveniences on the spot, in what he describes as ‘MacGyver-type’ of situations.

Nonetheless, all of this is possible thanks to his production team’s efforts. After initially picking the fortunate homeowners for the show, managing the deals with local contractors, shops and living arrangements for the filming crew, what we ultimately watched in every episode is the final result of a committed crew’s actions.

The Show’s Announcer Is Very Famous

From “Bath Crashers” premier in 2010 to its end in 2016, Roger Craig Smith was the show’s main voice, and one of its most memorable characters.

However, while it’s widely acknowledged putting such a great trademark to a TV show is not easy, many people don’t know that Roger has a long career as a voice actor, announcer and presenter as well.

Although his beginnings date back to the early 2000s as a comedian, Roger went on to work as a voice actor for video games, cartoons, Japanese animations and films. Some of his most memorable roles to date include voicing Bruce Wayne in “Batman Unlimited”, and Steve Rogers in “Ultimate Spider-Man”.

As well, he could be heard in several Japanese and American video games from big developers such as Sonic Team, Ubisoft and Sumo. While his career mostly includes acting, he has also been announcing and narrating several shows over the years, such as “Say Yes To The Dress”, “World Of Dance”, and “House Crashers”.


By having worked for big entertainment networks such as Disney, HGTV and TLC, it’s not a wonder why Roger has won international recognition in several fields, which makes us appreciate his voice in “Bath Crashers” even more.

Matt Is A Philanthropist

While reality TV stars are usually known for being eccentric and too self-centered, this is not the case with Matt Muenster. Besides being an acclaimed personality and designer, the man uses his fame for good causes.

He’s a committed contributor to Rebuilding Together Twin Cities, an organization which looks out to rebuild houses for people in need. They focus on helping out people with difficult financial situations, especially if they have some type of disability, or are families with children, and minorities.

In his way to find support for said organization, Matt promotes their events in local and national media outlets.

Matt Muenster

Probably the most memorable of his sponsored charity events is the Flannel Fling, a Gala which collects funds for various social causes every year, including helping out children and old people.

As well, Matt is known for being a contributor to local philanthropic fund collecting events, such as Design For A Difference, and The Minneapolis Metsquerade. More recently, he and his long-time friend Chris Grundy, have joined forces in favour of Priority Partners Cupboards, a project focused on collecting funds to ensure free food provisions and healthcare to people in need.

All in all, it’s nice to know that despite fame and money, Matt actively cares and acts in a positive way for his community.

Ryan’s Business Boomed Thanks To The Show

If you loyally followed “Bath Crashers” back when it first aired, you surely remember Ryan Prosser, one of the most recurring contractors in the show.

Interestingly enough, though he was in the series only for a couple of seasons, his appearances in it were more than favourable for his business – Prosser Construction.

Being cast in the show wasn’t a coincidence or a stroke of luck, though. Back in 2010, Prosser just happened to have the appropriate business to fit in to the show when another contractor couldn’t make it. After being warmly welcomed by the production as part of the team, Ryan was soon taking part in a lot of projects featured in the show.

Known for his quick but practical ways of working, Ryan stayed overnight, traveled to other cities when something in the operation broke, and worked at an impressively rapid speed just to have the work done in the three-day window the show promised the homeowners.

Although that looks like too much of an effort, the results were worth it. Thanks to “Bath Crashers”, Ryan not only demonstrated his construction and leadership skills, but his business grew with the show’s popularity, thanks to what he describes as a ‘marketing opportunity’.


Though Ryan left “Bath Crashers” in 2013, Prosser Construction is still actively operating in the Washington area, and by all accounts, things are going well for the Prosser Team.

Matt Has Hosted Other Shows

Contrary to what people think, Matt Muenster’s debut on TV preceded the premiere of “Bath Crashers” by a couple of years. His first appearance in a show happened in 2008, when “Bathtastic!” premiered with him as its host and main contractor.

Unlike “Bath Crashers”, in “Bathtastic!” Matt didn’t have to rush to finish the bathrooms’ renovations, nor had to choose people to go through said process. Instead, “Bathtastic!” had a slower but efficient approach to remodeling, offering its audience tools, tips and Matt’s expert guidance when it came to converting an old and boring bathroom into a dreamy, comfortable and stylish place.

Matt Muenster

“Bathtastic!” aired 65 episodes in total until it was cancelled in 2010, after which Matt went on to host “Bath Crashers” for six years, during which he also hosted several special episodes of the remodeling-focused show “The Ultimate Crash”, in which he joined forces with his fellow network’s hosts Ahmed Hassan and Josh Temple to make old-fashioned looking and neglected houses look beautiful both inside and out.

As well, Matt appeared as an expert in “Hotel Impossible” and “DIY Insider” for a couple of episodes. Nowadays, Matt appears in the online series “Priority Partners Cupboards”, which is part of his charity project of the same name.

There Was A Lawsuit Against The Show

For every reality show, there’s at least one scandal related to the law. “Bath Crashers” is no an exception, even regardless of how nice the show’s work environment appeared to be.

As it turns out, in 2014 a woman from California named Courtney Muro filed a lawsuit against “Bath Crashers” and Matt Muenster for negligence, after she was injured while filming a show’s episode. As the court’s documents stated, Courtney had been helping her friend who was set to appear in the show as a homeowner, when Matt had apparently asked to tape her hand to a sledgehammer. Complying to the request, Courtney hit the object against a counter top while it was still attached to her hand, hurting her in the process.

The injury was allegedly so severe that it affected her fingers, and even left one of her tendons exposed. As Courtney affirmed, she was shocked at the sight of her open wound, but instead of caring about her health, the show’s staff made her sign a liability waiver, a document which would exclude the production team from accepting responsibility over any accident that occurred to her on set. Although she signed said document, Courtney filed the lawsuit anyway, but there’s no information about the case, which could mean both parts came to an out-of-court settlement.


Matt Worked With Ellen DeGeneres

It’s not unusual for popular reality TV stars to join high profile shows, even if only for a short time. This is exactly the case of Matt Muenster, who in 2015 joined the “Ellen Design Challenge” as an expert.

The show, hosted and produced by the acclaimed Ellen DeGeneres, offered its contestants the opportunity to unleash their creativity onto furniture design projects to impress the jury. The competition’s final prices were $100,000 in addition to being featured in a magazine.

Despite its promising premise, the “Ellen’s Design Challenge” only lasted two seasons, and was cancelled in 2016.

Matt Doesn’t Renovate His Own House

Knowing who Matt Muenster is and how prolific his work is as a project manager, one would expect that his own house would be the most elegant and beautifully designed place; however, this is not the case.

It’s not that Matt isn’t interested in making his home look nice, it’s just that he’s somewhat indecisive when it comes to it, not wanting to pressure himself into designing something he wouldn’t be happy with.

Although those were his words back in 2012 when the topic was brought up during an interview, it’s surprising to know that he still hasn’t changed his mind, or perhaps made up his mind. As he told AP News in 2018, his approach to remodeling his home has been ‘different, as he hasn’t  been concerned with immediacy’.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that Matt’s actual house is not the same one he lived in back when he was interviewed in 2012. As it happens, he bought his present house in 2013, with the conviction of it being the ‘forever-home’ for him and his family. Maybe it’s the emotional value it holds for his family, or the fact the place’s trademark architecture from the 1960s is just too special, but it’s understandable that Matt doesn’t want to rush into changing it, regardless of how surprising that might be to his fans.

The Real Reason It Ended

For six years, “Bath Crashers” had a stable spot on the DIY Network, with the show’s crew doing an excellent job, renovations were top notch, and the ratings high. That’s why when it was announced the show would see its end in 2016, it was surprising to say the least.

For Matt Muenster it wasn’t so much of a surprise, though. As he confessed in 2018, “Bath Crashers” was just too expensive to produce, becoming a challenge for the network to keep it on air.

Even when budget cuts were the main reason “Bath Crashers” came to an end, Matt also admitted that the show’s concept wasn’t fitting for what TV audiences wanted at the time. However, while saying goodbye to the show was sad, it’s undeniable that it gave us many valuable remodeling lessons that will surely continue helping many people in years to come.

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