The Naked Truth of Chloe Difatta: Age, Height, Boyfriend, Wiki

April 18, 2024
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Chloe Difatta

In this day and age, one can become internet famous for the most unorthodox reasons – just ask Chloe Difatta, who went viral on TikTok for being able to twist her tongue vertically.

Born on 12th October 2003, in Tampa, Florida, USA, the social media sensation has almost 150,000 followers on Instagram and a further 340,000 on TikTok. As is the case with so many young and attractive content creators, Chloe started off doing dance challenges and ‘outfit of the day’ clips, tried her hand at influencing, and eventually joined Only Fans to share adult photos and videos with her subscribers.

These days, Chloe is mainly known for her Only Fans content, and uses her other platforms as a way to attract new subscribers to it. A glimpse at the brunette’s Instagram profile reveals dozens of racy lingerie and bikini pics, and while her TikTok is slightly tamer due to strict community guidelines, the Floridian has discussed her job as an adult entertainer in several videos.

Chloe’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, thanks to her various streams of income. Apart from her Only Fans subscriptions and TikTok earnings, the brunette has set up a creative ‘lingerie fund’ through which her followers can send her money to purchase new underwear. Although the lingerie fund may not be all that lucrative due to the sheer number of photoshoots Chloe does, she also sells one-of-a-kind polaroids for unspecified prices.


Amazon is yet another revenue source for the Florida native, as she has a wishlist for fans to buy and send her things, as well as a storefront from which she earns commission for every purchase made. Last but not least, Chloe allows her followers to subscribe to her text messages.


2023 didn’t get off to a great start for Chloe, as in late January she was arrested for driving over the speed limit while drunk. A video of Chloe’s arrest was posted on YouTube by law enforcement channel Behind The Mugshot, and although it didn’t break the internet, it’s been viewed over 70,000 times in a year. Chloe was pulled over and handcuffed by cops when it became obvious that she was in no state to drive. The social media icon, who began sobbing hysterically after being bundled into the back of the cop car, was subsequently arrested and taken to jail, but released the same day.

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Chloe’s second arrest for driving under the influence took place just five months later, and this time, she was held without bail. The Only Fans creator was noticeably inebriated but maintained her composure, and although fans were concerned for her wellbeing and questioned why she kept driving drunk, Chloe had little to say about her arrests, perhaps hoping that the internet would forget. Unfortunately for her, it didn’t, as for months netizens made sure to remind her that her reckless actions could’ve resulted in a fatal accident.

Personal Life

Since February 2023, Chloe has been in a relationship with fellow TikToker Mason Patterson. The couple became embroiled in online controversy due to Mason breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Danielle Cohn, just three months before revealing that he was seeing Chloe.

These names may all sound vaguely familiar, so we’ll refresh your memory: Mason, who was born in Texas in September 2002 and brought up alongside his two sisters, began making TikToks when he 18 years old. However, he didn’t really take off until he began dating Danielle Cohn in late 2021.


Danielle was – and continues to be – far more popular than Mason, having found fame on and TikTok, and keeping followers intrigued by not revealing her real age or any personal information. Things took a dark turn in 2019, when her estranged father exposed that Danielle was just 13 years old and not 15, the age she and her momager (mother and manager) Jennifer had previously claimed.

At the time, Danielle had been in a relationship with 17-year-old TikToker Mikey Tua, whose parents became rightfully concerned and forced the teens to break up after discovering that there was a four-year age gap. Those who followed the couple in their heyday may remember that in April 2019, Mikey and Danielle pranked their millions of followers by claiming that Danielle was pregnant.

Danielle’s social media empire almost came tumbling down when her father Dustin took to Facebook to set the record straight, saying: ‘For years I’ve done the diplomatic thing while dealing with my daughter being online in a way I didn’t approve of.’ Dustin then added that Danielle had been encouraged by her mother to participate in beauty pageants and modelling gigs from a young age, before imploring social media companies to stop exploiting minors for profit.

Since then, Danielle’s public image has never really recovered, as many people were put off by her and her mother’s lies. Although Mason received plenty of notoriety from his relationship with the TikToker, not all attention is good attention, and netizens were left with a bad taste in their mouths – after all, Danielle was 15 and Mason was 19 when they became involved.


With that said, Mason’s new relationship with Chloe hasn’t helped his reputation either. Danielle’s fans often write disparaging comments under Mason and Chloe’s social media posts, and while the Only Fans star occasionally responds to defend her boyfriend and is fiercely vocal about how great things are between them, the general consensus is that their breakup will be just as messy as Mason and Danielle’s was.

Apart from Mason, Chloe has also been linked to Joey Nero, whom she dated for a few months in 2020. The New Yorker was born in 2002, and appears to be slowly retreating from public life, as he can go months without posting on Instagram. Joey’s popularity peaked in 2019, when his first TikToks went viral, but he’s done little to turn his fleeting internet fame into a long-lasting career; these days, he’s remembered mainly for his relationship with Chloe.

When it comes to Chloe’s family, hardly anything is known about her parents or possible siblings. However, the TikToker isn’t believed to be on good terms with them, as she’d run away from home. In August 2020, the brunette was declared a missing juvenile after her family informed the local sheriff’s department of her two-week disappearance.

Prior to disappearing, Chloe had been staying with a friend in Sarasota County and was believed to be driving a black Kia Sedan. As the TikToker continued to post on social media despite her ‘missing’ status, it didn’t take law enforcement long to find her, and get her in touch with her family.

Chloe’s exact height and weight aren’t confirmed, although some websites list her as 5ft 4ins (165cms) tall with a weight of 120lbs (55kgs).

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