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August 27, 2023
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Theodore N. Lerner is a Washington DC-born American real estate developer who is best known for being the founder of the real estate company Lerner Enterprises. Born on 15 October 1925, Ted is also popular for owning the Washington Nationals baseball team as well as for being the largest private landowner in Washington area. Lerner was born to Palestinian immigrant parents in an orthodox Jewish family.

A well-recognized entrepreneur who has managed to become one of the richest people in the whole world, how wealthy is Ted Lerner? As of 2015, Ted has a net worth of $5.7 billion; most of this money has been amassed from his involvement in the real estate business which has been a part of his life for more than six decades until now. Of course, Ted’s involvement in the Washington Nationals as well as Lerner Enterprises has been significant in making Ted a billionaire as of now.

Ted Lerner Net Worth $5.7 Billion

Raised in Washington D.C, Tony is one of the three children. Ted graduated from Roosevelt High School before earning his Associate of Arts degree and L.L.B degree from The George Washington University. While he was a student, Ted started taking an interest in real estate, and sold homes on the weekends. His inclination towards real estate grew after he finished his studies, and in 1952 Ted realized his dreams and established Lerner Enterprise, a real estate company.

Lerner Enterprise was founded with just $250 that Ted borrowed from his wife. This enterprise went on to become very successful with time and at the present remains as the largest real estate company in Washington D.C. As of now, Ted remains the managing principal owner of Lerner Enterprise while this company earns him millions of dollars each year. Along with Ted, who owns 70% of the shares of this company, his brother Lawrence is also a part of the enterprise.

Apart from Lerner Enterprise, Ted also serves as the managing principal owner of the Washington Nationals franchise. This franchise was formerly owned by Major League Baseball and was bought by the Lerner family in 2006., which as of now holds 90% of the shares. Needless to say, The Washington Nationals is also another major source of income for Ted Lerner and the whole family. Furthermore, the Lerner family also serves as a partner in Monumental Sports which yields millions of dollars of profit each year.

Ted Lerner is also a noted name when it comes to philanthropy. He and his family have founded The Annette M. and Theodore N. Lerner Family Foundation which serves for the betterment of education, health, scientific research and many more causes via different organizations including Scleroderma Foundation of Greater Washington, YouthAids and more. In recognition for his service towards society, Ted was rewarded with a Golden Plate Award of Excellence in 1990 by the American Academy of Achievements.

Taking account of his personal life, 90 years old Ted is a married man and has three children with his wife, Annette M. Lerner who he married in 1951; Annette is more prominent as a philanthropist. As of now, Ted has been enjoying his days being a principal owner of Lerner Enterprise and many other highly successful companies while his life his also complemented by his present net worth of $5.7 billion.

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