Tay-K Net Worth

March 26, 2023
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Taymor Travon McIntyre was born on the 16th June 2000, in Long Beach, California USA, and is a rap musician who, under the alias Tay-K, is probably best known for his hit single “The Race” which was released in July 2017 and peaked at the No. 44 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. He is also widely recognized for participating in a series of crimes between July 2016 and May 2017.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this young American rapper has accumulated so far? How rich Tay-K is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total of Tay-K’s net worth, as of late 2017, revolves around the sum of $100,000, acquired through his career in the music industry which has been active since 2014.

Tay-K Net Worth $100,000

Tay-K suffered a rather difficult childhood – he was one of two children of the former members of the Original Crip Homies gang. While his father was serving his jail time, alongside his mother and younger sister, at the age of eight, Tay-K spent some time living in Las Vegas, Nevada, before settling in Arlington, Texas. Although he enrolled at Martin High School, after only one year he was expelled due to his “gangster lifestyle”.

Tay-K began his music career in 2014, alongside Santana Sage and Pimpyz, as a member of the Daytona Boyz group, which released its debut single entitled “Drift” in December that year. In mid-2015, he began his solo career by releasing the song “BIFF XANNEN”, which was followed by “Megaman” later that year, helping Tay-K to establish himself as a promising young rapper. These endeavors set Tay-K’s music career on a rising path on the underground rap scene, also providing a modest basis for his net worth.

However, his growing fame was overshadowed by his criminal activities – in July 2016, after Ethan Walker was killed during a home invasion in Mansfield, Texas, Tay-K was charged with violent slaying. Being only 16 years old at that time, he was released on house arrest, wearing an ankle bracelet. In March 2017, he decided to ignore his bail and cut his ankle monitor, informing his fans on social media that he is on the run. To make things even worse, in May 2017, Tay-K allegedly committed a vicious armed robbery, badly hurting 65-year-old Pepe Skip, while later that month he was also involved in a capital murder case in San Antonio, Texas. Simultaneously to his law enforcement evasion efforts, he also managed to release a single, entitled “The Race” which quickly went viral and recorded a total of over 32 million views on YouTube, peaking at No. 22 on the US Rap chart. Eventually, in June 2017, Tay-K was arrested in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Ironically, all these legal troubles have helped Tay-K to boost his popularity even more, as well as to enlarge the sum of his total wealth.

Since July 2017, Tay-K has been held at the Tarrant Country Jail in Fort Worth, Texas, where he still awaits trial. His current bail is set to a sum of $500,000.

When it comes to the personal life of Tay-K, there aren’t any other relevant data about romantic connections or love affairs – apparently there is no ‘Bonnie’ to his ‘Clyde’.

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