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March 16, 2023
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Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis was born on 7 June 1995, in Miami, Florida USA, to Esther and Alexander Katsabanis, a family of Cuban ancestry, and initially under the stage name of Lil Phil, is now Stitches, a rapper best known for releasing albums such as ‘’For Drug Dealers Only’’ and ‘’I Need Rehab’’, and mixtapes such as ‘’No Snitching is My Statement’’.

So just how rich is Stitches, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, the rapper has a net worth of over $500,000, accumulated since 2014 from his career in the previously mentioned field.

Stitches Net Worth $500,000

Stitches comes from a troubled background, and was involved in selling guns and drugs in order to support himself, after he moved to South Beach, Florida. However, he turned to rapping on a professional level in 2014, when he released ‘’No Snitching is My Statement’’, a mixtape which consisted of 15 tracks including ‘’Brick In Yo Face’’ and ‘’All I Know’’, which helped him gain attention in the music world. In the following year he worked on two more mixtapes, ‘’Brick Bible’’ and ‘’Supply and Demand’’, with the first consisting of 11 songs such as ‘’Brick Bible Intro’’ and ‘’Don’t Know Wut U Heard’’, being released by Vita Veloce Records Inc, and the latter eight tracks, including ‘’Never Been A Problem’’ and ‘’Long Way’’.

In addition to mixtapes Stitches released his debut album, ‘’For Drug Dealers Only’’ during 2015, featuring 17 songs such as ‘’Head Up’’ and ‘’Hands Official’’, with the latter being a collaboration with singer Kevin Gates. In the following year, Stitches launched another album – ‘’Tales of a Drug Lord’’, which consists of ‘’Fade Away’’ and ‘’Dirty Money’’ in addition to 14 other songs, and again in collaboration with Kevin Gates on the song called ‘’B*tch I’m Cooking’’, and additionally with other musicians Dun Wholio and Vice, so raising his net worth.

When it comes to Stitches’ latest album, ‘’I Need Rehab’’ was released in 2017, together with the EP ‘’The Trap House’’ in the mid-May that year, featuring 10 songs including ‘’Kilos In My Bag’’ and ‘’Molly Cyrus’’. Later in 2017, he also compiled another EP, ‘’Family Ties’’, of six new songs with the rapper named Kirb. Stitches’ latest singles included – ‘’Asereje’’ – which he made in collaboration with Tali Goya and which is also available for digital download on iTunes, plus releasing ‘’She’s A Liar’’ and ‘’Momma Proud’’, further lifting his net worth.

When it comes to Stitches’ private life, he is married and has three children, but there are no details of his spouse. He is a big fan of tattoos, and has multiple examples including on his face. He was a subject of the controversy when he claimed to have given a fan the sum of $10,000 when he actually gave her $100. Philip is active on social media websites such as Instagram and Twitter, and has the army of 1.7 million followers on the former.

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