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March 21, 2023
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Ghyslain Raza was born in 1987 in Quebec, Canada, and under the name Star Wars Kid, is best known as the person who made the viral video of the same title, in which he imitates Darth Vader in ‘’Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace’’.

So just how rich is Star Wars Kid as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, this internet sensation has a net worth of $700,000, accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned field.

Star Wars Kid Net Worth $700,000

In late 2002, Star Wars Kid made a video of himself wielding a golf ball retriever as a lightsaber, recreating Darth Vader’s scene in the movie mentioned above. The video was never intended to be put on the internet, however, Star Wars Kid’s schoolmates found the track in the school basement and thus decided to upload it to the internet under the title ‘’Jackass_starwars_funny.wmv’’. The clip ended up going viral, and gaining more attention as the time went on. As of 2003, his family sued the families of his school mates who uploaded the video, claiming CA$250,000, saying that he ‘’had to endure, and still endures today, harassment and derision from his high-school mates and the public at large’’, but the families ultimately made an out-of-court settlement with the amount hardly covering legal expenses.

In 2013, Star Wars Kid wanted to disconnect himself from the video, however, he changed his mind having realized that he could be an example for people who find themselves in similar situations. However, Star Wars Kid would often face cyber bullying for the mentioned video, which in 2006 had been uploaded to YouTube, but so becoming even more known. Talking about the comments on the video, Star Wars Kid stated ‘’What I saw was mean. It was violent. People were telling me to commit suicide’’. This resulted in many aspects of his life being changed, as he had to switch from campus to private tutoring, being called ‘’a pox in humanity’’. It was originally released by the user Jim Love, and since then the video has been watched more than 33 million times. Despite the cyber bullying he has struggled with, Star Wars Kid eventually made a lot of fans thanks to the mentioned video, nevertheless, he sued his schoolmates subsequently. Despite having left high school and switching to private tutoring, Star Wars Kid returned to finish his high school education and after that, he studied and graduated law. As of today, he serves as the President of an organization dedicated to preserving the heritage, culture history and culture of Trois-Rivières.

Despite plenty of negative comments, Star Wars Kid has made a lot of fans as well, and these fans started a petition for him to make a cameo appearance in ‘’Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’’, reaching more than 140,000 signatures. However, he didn’t get an offer to appear in the mentioned movie.

In 2005, he was included on CNET’s list of Top 10 Web Fads in eighth place, and in 2007 his video was named the number one viral video of all time, in addition to taking second place in the ‘’Top 40 Internet Celebrities’’ list of VH1.

The remixed version of the video has been watched by an impressive 900 million people, and Star Wars Kid has offered numerous appearances in talk shows, but all of which he has refused.

When it comes to Star Wars Kid’s private life, he doesn’t share much information on that topic and hasn’t enjoyed the attention he was given.

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