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August 30, 2023
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Stacy London was born on May 25, 1969, in New York City, New York, USA. She is a fashion consultant, writer and television personality. London is known for working on the show called “What Not to Wear” and also for collaborating with such brand names as “Pantene”, “Dr. Scholl’s”, “Woolite” and “Riders by Lee”. Stacy has been working in the fashion industry for a very long time and now is one of the most famous figures in this sphere.

So how rich is Stacy London? It is estimated that Stacy’s net worth is $8 million. The main source of this sum of money is her work in television and also her activities as a fashion consultant. Although Stacy is now 46 years old she is still actively participating in numerous events and projects and her net worth is still growing.


Stacy London Net Worth $8 Million

Stacy studied German literature and 20th-century philosophy at the Vassar College. During these studies she had an opportunity to work at the “Christian Dior” as an intern. This was the time when Stacy became interested in the fashion industry and decided to start her own career. Her first job in the fashion industry was in the well-known magazine, called “Vogue”. Soon London’s net worth began growing and she gained more experience. Later Stacy started working at the “Mademoiselle” and had an opportunity to collaborate with such brand names as “Suave”, “Calvin Klein”, “Maytag”, “CoverGirl”, “Longines” and others. What is more, London has worked with such celebrities as Rebecca Taylor, Liv Tyler, Vivienne Tam, Kate Winslet and others. All these activities added a lot to Stacy’s net worth. In 2003 Stacy got involved in the television industry and started working on the “What Not to Wear”. On this show she worked together with Clinton Kelly, with whom she also released a book, called “Dress Your Best”. In 2008 Stacy appeared on her own show, called “Shut Up! It’s Stacy London!”. Step by step she gained more recognition and had an opportunity to work as a fashion reporter for “The Early Show”, “Good Day Live” and “Weekend Today”. In 2012 Stacy began her own business and decided to create an online service, “Style for Hire”. Recently, it has been announced that Stacy will work on the show, called “Love, Lust, or Run”. Undoubtedly, this show will also gain success and make her net worth even higher.

If to talk about London’s personal life, it can be said that she never married and has no children. When Stacy was younger she had problems with anorexia and had to be very determined in order to overcome all these problems and achieve what she has now. She is a very hardworking person and a perfectionist maybe that is why she does not have a family of her own. On the other hand Stacy has numerous friends, fans and admirers who support her no matter what.

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