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February 26, 2023
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Spencer Karen Grammer was born on 9 October 1983, in Los Angeles, California USA, to Kelsey Grammer and Doreen Alderman, and is an actress best known for her appearances in ‘’Ironside’’, ‘’Rick and Morty’’ and ‘’Royal Pains’’.

So just how rich is Spencer Grammer, as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that Grammer’s net worth is as high as $1 million, accumulated from her over two decades-long acting career.

Spencer Grammer Net Worth $1 million

Spencer’s father is an actor, and she comes from a big family, and has six half-siblings. She made her debut in the television show ‘’Cheers’’ in 1992, but didn’t really act professionally until 2002, starring in ‘’Sweetie Pie’’. In 2005, she made an appearance in an episode of a critically acclaimed television show ‘’Jonny Zero’’, and the next year played Katie in ‘’Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’’. Spencer landed another starring role in ‘’The Path of Most Resistance’’, and 2006 had a minor role in ‘’The Bedford Diaries’’. As of the same year, she joined the cast of ‘’As the World Turns’’, appearing in 96 episodes portraying Dr. Lucy Montgomery until December 2006. Her net worth was now well set.

In 2007, she was cast as Casey Cartwright, one of the main characters in the comedy drama TV series ‘’Greek’’, appearing in 74 episodes of the show, which earned seven nominations including GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, eventually ending in 2011 – the final episode, ‘’Legacy’’ has the rating of nine point four stars on IMDB. In 2012, Spencer appeared in ‘’CSI: NY’’, and in 2013 starred in ‘’In Lieu of Flowers’’, portraying Rachel in a story focused on what happens between finding and losing love. During the same year, Grammer started working on ‘’Rick and Morty’’, providing the voice for Summer Smith, one of the main characters, and has worked on 29 episodes of the show so far; additionally, she was the voice actress for Glen’s wife.

Besides that, she played Holly in four episodes of ‘’Ironside’’ in 2013, and the next year the audience could see her as the lead role, Heather in ‘’Saint Francis’’, produced by ABC Studios.

In the same year, she had another notable role, playing Jill, an artist who takes care of her injured husband in ‘’Missing William’’. In 2015, Grammer joined the cast of ‘’Mr. Robinson’’ and appeared in all six episodes. On 1 January 2016, ‘’Beyond Paradise’’ was released, in which Spencer starred alongside Francia Raisa. As of her latest projects, Spencer appeared in an episode of ‘’Grey’s Anatomy’’ in 2017, and also played Colette in ‘’Random Tropical Paradise’’.

When it comes to her future projects, Grammer will star in three movies including ‘’ Brampton’s Own’’ and ‘’ The Outdoorsman’’. In conclusion, Spencer has appeared in over 30 movie and television projects so far.

In her private life, Grammer has been married to firefighter James Hesketh since 2011, and the couple has a son born in 2011.

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