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August 30, 2023
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Scott A. Mosier is a film producer, editor, writer, podcaster and actor born on 5th of March 1971. He is best known for co-hosting a weekly podcast “SModcast” with his long-time filmmaking partner, director Kevin Smith and for producing and editing numerous movies such as “Good Will Hunting” (1997) , “Chasing Amy” (1997), “Dogma”(1999) and “Jersey Girl”(2004).

Have you ever wondered how rich Scott Mosier is? According to sources, it has been estimated that Scott Mosier’s overall net worth is $5 million, earned largely through frequent cooperation with director Kevin Smith, and both producing and editing almost all of his films. Co-hosting the weekly podcast “SModcast” also significantly added to his net worth which continues to increase.

Scott Mosier Net Worth $5 Million

Scott was born in Vancouver, Washington State USA but during his childhood he grew up in different places between British Columbia and Washington – since his father was born in Canada, Mosier has dual citizenship. During his schooling at the Vancouver Film School, Scott met his future colleague, Kevin Smith. Their first mutual project was a student film documentary “Mae Day: The Crumbling of a Documentary”, but it unfortunately fell apart in production. Before his decision to drop out, Mosier made a deal with Smith that whoever finished the writing of his own film scenario last, would help the other one with the movie. In 1994, Scott edited Kevin Smith’s first feature film “Clerks” and contributed to its budget. Apart from this, he has appeared on screen playing multiple characters in movies. A year later, Mosier was leading a much larger film crew, while organizing the budget for the film “Mallrats” in which he also portrayed a character. His net worth was growing steadily.

Mosier and Smith cooperated once again while making the 1997 romantic comedy “Chasing Amy”, for which they both agreed on reducing the initial budget so that they could cast their friends instead of popular actors. Two years later, Mosier was doing the editing of the movie “Dogma”, which lasted for almost a year, again appearing in one of the roles in the film. In 2001, Scott was working on the “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” film, with a budget of $20 million, and two years later his budget significantly increased when he had at his disposal $35 million for producing “Jersey Girl”.

Some of his other notable work includes being an executive producer, editor and actor for the 2000 comedy thriller film “Vulgar”, producing “Drawing Flies”, A Better Place” and “Clerks: The Animated Series”; he also co-produced “Good Will Hunting” and “Big Helium Dog”. Mosier’s short documentary from 2007, “Salim Baba” was nominated for an Academy Award.

Since February 2007, Scott has been a co-host of the weekly podcast “SModcast”, alongside his colleague, Kevin Smith. The show occasionally features guests and is released each Sunday night. The same year it was released, “SModcast” was named one of the best new podcasts by iTunes.

When it comes to Mosier’s private life, not much is known, except for the fact that he is married to Alex Hilebronner, having met his future wife on the set of “Jersey Girl” – the couple married on 1st September 2006.

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