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Ryan Benjamin Tedder, born on 26 June 1979 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, is a famous producer, singer,  actor and songwriter, however, Tedder is probably best known as the leader of the pop rock band OneRepublic, for whom he writes songs too, and also helps to produce them for such world-wide known celebrities as James Blunt, K`naan, Demi Lovato, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, Ella Henderson, Adele, Maroon 5, and Beyonce among many others. Collaboration with such famous musicians has certainly helped Ryan to increase his net worth.

So just how rich is Ryan Tedder? Sources estimate that Ryan Tedder’s net worth is $30 million, virtually all of it accumulated through his various activities in the music industry.

Ryan Tedder Net Worth $30 Million

Ryan Tedder`s family was very religious, and it’s not surprising that Ryan became interested in music in childhood, as both of his parents dedicated their lives to music: mom was a school teacher and his father was a musician. Ryan started playing piano when he was only three years old, and singing when he was seven years old. A couple of years later, Ryan showed his skills at imitating his favourite artists, including as a fan of Sting, The Beatles, and Stevie Wonder. When he was a teenager, Ryan continued singing with various bands as well as in church and school choirs.

Ryan Tedder graduated from Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising. Later he moved to Colorado, where he met another member of OneRepublic, Zach Filkins as they belonged to the same soccer team. Ryan Tedder’s net worth started growing when he was 21 years old, when he won an MTV show competition ; his finale`s song was The Look. The winner was supposed to get a chance to sign a contract with a music management company Free Lance Entertainment, however, Ryan later revealed that this deal was fake and no album has been released through this company. From 2002 to 2004 Tedder worked alongside Timbaland, which collaboration helped Ryan to accumulate considerable net worth. Tedder also received substantial revenues from collaborating with Jennifer Lopez on her single Do It Well.

As for OneRepublic, there are five members in the group, and Tedder sings lead vocals and plays guitar and piano, too. The band has received many nominations and awards, and in 2010 became a Band of the Year by ESKA Music Awards (Poland).

Ryan Tedder is very talented at producing and song writing, as well as being a very accomplished musician, as proven by the success of such hits as Halo, Counting Stars, Bleeding Love, and Apologize, all of them written by Ryan Tedder, and all becoming best-selling singles.

Aside from his music career, and in his personal life, Ryan Tedder is married to Genevieve, and the couple has two sons. Ryan expressed his feelings for Genevieve in OneRepublic`s debut album Dreaming Out Loud. Ryan became involved with Southern Hospitality, a restaurant co-created in 2007 by Justin Timberlake  in Manhattan when it opened a second location in Hell’s Kitchen Manhattan. In 2011, Tedder became the first franchisee of the Southern Hospitality BBQ brand with plans to bring the concept in ten other cities across the USA.

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Ryan Tedder's Net Worth as of 2024
$30 Million