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May 17, 2023
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Ronald M. Popeil was born on the 3rd May 1935, in New York City USA, and is an inventor, marketing expert and salesman, probably best known as the pioneer of the TV sales pitch with his direct response marketing and production company – Ronco. Ron is also widely known for his “But wait!” catchphrase.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this iconic TV salesman has accumulated over the years? How rich Ron Popeil is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total size of Ron “But wait!” Popeil’s net worth as of mid-2016 is $100 million, which includes Rancho Quinta Ladera, 150-acre ranch in Santa Barbara, California which is now released for sale at just under $5 million.

Ron Popeil Net Worth $100 Million

Ron Popeil was born the younger of two sons of Julia and Samuel J. Popeil, a kitchen gadget inventor. After the divorce of Ron’s parents when he was just three years old, alongside his brother, he moved to a grandparent’s home in Florida, but later transferred to Chicago and remained with his father.

It is no wonder that Ron Popeil has managed to become a successful inventor and salesman – his father is the inventor of Chop-O-Matic and Veg-O-Matic kitchen gadgets, and the founder of the Chicago-based manufacturing company, Popeil Brothers. Ron Popeil showed interest in sales first while he was still a teenager, when he started selling various kitchen-related products on Maxwell Street, Chicago’s famous flea market – he was purchasing products at wholesale from his father, and reselling them on the street. These early efforts provided the basis for Ron’s now quite impressive net worth.

Subsequently, Ron started working as an independent contractor at Woolworth’s flagship store, where he demonstrated and sold his father’s products at which he was, apparently, very successful – quickly he started earning $1000 weekly. During the summer seasons, Ron circuited around fairs all over the country, constantly increasing his net worth.

In 1964, Ron Popeil founded his own company, Ron’s Company or Ronco. Although in the beginning he was selling only Samuel Popeil’s kitchen products, he expanded business rapidly and soon started selling products from other manufacturers. As he already had significant sales experience, Ron spotted the flaws of in-person way of selling kitchen gadgets, and decided to change that by making a revolution in advertising with his TV commercials – working without a script and performing live, by heart, and by the beginning of the 1970s, Ron was selling exclusively on television. Some of the first products which he presented include Ronco Spray Gun and Chop-O-Matic. It’s certain that these engagements have massively helped Ron Popeil to significantly increase his wealth.

Although the company was doing well with millions in profits, in the late 1980s the bank called in all of the company’s notes and seized all the company’s assets. However, Ron Popeil reached into his personal funds, and bought his own company back for $2 million. Ron subsequently went back into television marketing with his new product, an Electric Food Dehydrator. Doubtlessly, it has helped Ron Popeil to increase even more the total amount of his fortune.

The catchphrase “But wait! There’s more” made him a pop-icon of the 1970s. The Self Magazine listed Ron Popeil among “the 25 people who changed the way we eat”. Ron Popeil has made a notable impact on pop culture as he, or his products, have appeared in a huge variety of popular media projects such as “The X-Files”, “The Simpsons”, “Futurama” and “Sex and the City”. He has been referenced even in music, by Alice Cooper, Weird Al Yankovic and the Beastie Boys. In 2005, he sold Ronco for $55 million, but has remained the chairman of the invention department, and a sales consultant.

Ron Popeil served as a member of the board of directors of Mirage Resorts for 22 years, and is currently serving as well as a member of the University of California Los Angeles’ business advisory board.

When it comes to his personal life, since 2006, Ron Popeil resides in Beverly Hills, California with his wife Robin(m. 1995) and their two daughters. From his previous marriages, Ron also has three more daughters, two with Marilyn Greene and one from his marriage with Lisa Boehne.

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