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August 25, 2023
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Robert Allen Palmer was born on the 19th January 1949 in Batley, West Yorkshire, England and died on the 26th September, 2003 in Paris, France, and was a singer, songwriter and musician. More, Robert Palmer added to his net worth as a record producer. Palmer was the winner of numerous awards including MTV Video Music and two Grammy Awards, and was nominated for two Brit Awards in the category for the Best British Male Singer. Robert had been active in the industry from 1964 to 2003.

So justhow rich was Robert Palmer? At the time of his death, Robert Palmer’s net worth is estimated to have stood at $10 million.

Robert Palmer Net Worth $10 Million

His parents moved to Malta when Robert was only 3 years old – his father was an officer in the Royal Navy – where he spent his childhood. He was influenced by such artists as Nat King Cole and Otis Redding. In England Palmer sang with several bands which were known only regionally. He experienced his first success with the band Vinegar Joe, in which he performed as lead singer alongside Elkie Brooks, after which the two artists began their solo careers. Robert Palmer, the solo singer, signed with Iceland Records at first, but his debut album “Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley” (1974) impressed only the critics and was a commercial failure. The second album “Pressure Drop” (1975) composed by Motown bassist James Jamerson sold only moderately. Therefore, Palmer changed musical direction and in “Some People Can Do What They Like” (1976) he mixed rock with reggae, which slowly began his commercial success, and with the album “Double Fun” (1978) he succeeded.

In the early 1980’s, Palmer experienced greater success on the European continent which resulted in a sharp increase to his net worth. The song “Johnny and Mary” was a top 10 hit in the German speaking countries, and it is one of Germany’s best known songs of British origin, even though it was hardly noticed in the UK or USA. The album “Clues” (1980) also reached the Top 10. At the end of 1984, Palmer, along with John Taylor and Andy Taylor from the band Duran Duran recorded a few hits such as “Some Like It Hot”, “Get It On” and “Communication”. However, his biggest hit was his song “Addicted to Love” (1986), as it was the only single which managed to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100, as well as earning him a Grammy. “I Did not Mean to Turn You On” was a second big hit from the album in the summer of 1986. The album “Riptide” (1986), which contains both above mentioned hits, sold more than 2 million in the USA alone. In 1988, the album “Heavy Nova” was released. Palmer won another Grammy for his song “Simply Irresistible” (1988) and with this album and the following “Addictions Volume 1” (1989). he had sold more than two more million copies in the USA.

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In 1987, Palmer moved to Lugano, Switzerland. In 1990, he was back in Europe, and together with the reggae band UB40, he recorded the European hit “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” (1990) which was followed by other successful songs. In May 2003, Robert published his last album “Palmer Drive”, which included a collection of blues interpretations. He was also noted for producing videos of a number of his songs, surrounded by numerous well-dressed female musicians.

Palmer died on 26th September, 2003 in a Paris hotel of a heart attack. Robert Palmer was married to Susan Eileen Thatcher, with whom he had two children, but whom he finally divorced in 1993. His long-time partner was Mary Ambrose, with whom he was holidaying when he died.

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