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July 15, 2023
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Rider King Strong is known as an American film director, producer, screenwriter and actor who has estimated net worth of $6 million. He is also known as Tavock and R. K. Strong. Nowadays Tavock is considered to be one of the richest celebrities who has managed to rise to fame thanks his great acting talent which he has used in the right way while filming in many popular movies which have increased Rider’s net worth. For example, he made notable appearances in “Cabin Fever” and “Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever”, also in “Tooth and Nail”, “Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama” and “Eyes of Fire”.

Rider Strong Net Worth $6 Million

Rider King Strong was born on December 11, 1979, in San Francisco, California. He is the brother of the famous Shiloh Strong – American screenwriter, actor, film director and photographer.

Strong started his first steps into an acting career at an early age  – he was only nine years old when he played Gavorche in the San Francisco production of the “Les Miserables”. Of course, it didn’t increase Rider’s net worth very much, but the experience was the great way to start. Soon after, in 1992 Strong started to film regularly as he had a role in the American sitcom “Julie” starring Julie Andrews. There Rider performed as the son of the main character. And that actually was the first serious investment in young Rider Strong’s net worth. Of course, then no one could even think about how rich Rider was going to be only a few years later, but he had a great opportunity to show his talent. Later he appeared in “Boy Meets World”, which was aired for almost seven years. For this role Tavock received his first award as the Young Artist, and after a short period of time he received the same award again. Furthermore, for the same role Strong was even nominated for the Hollywood Reporter Young Star award, but unfortunately he didn’t receive it. However, Rider Strong’s net worth was already quite large by then.

Rider Strong also managed to increase his net worth while working as a director. This experience wasn’t really big or amazing, but still together with his brother Shiloh they directed a short film which was entitled “Irish Twins”. However, one of the biggest investments in Strong’s net worth was made thanks to the “Cabin Fever” and “Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever” movies directed by Eli Roth and Ti West. These two movies were released with a break of seven years, but anyway they were great opportunities for Strong to do his best in acting.

Talking about the personal life of Rider Strong, he is married to Alexandra Barreto – the American actress who also starred in the film “Pepper Dennis” with Rider. The couple met during the filming in 2006, and soon after that started dating. They finally married in October 2013 and now live together in US.

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