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March 3, 2024
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Rex Ashley Ryan was born on 13 December 1962, in Ardmore, Oklahoma USA. He is an American Football coach, the head coach for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL). He is best known for his coaching work, especially at defense, helping teams like the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets. His career in coaching hjas definitely put him where his net worth is right now.

How rich is Rex Ryan? Sources tell us that his net worth is estimated at $20 million as of early 2016, much of it attributed to his work as a professional football coach. He earns at least $4-6 million a year, and as with many involved in the NFL, has endorsements that help raise his wealth. He has also published an autobiography, and a movie cameo.

Rex Ryan Net Worth $20 Million

Rex was born alongside his fraternal twin Rob. Their father, Buddy Ryan, was also a head coach of the NFL and both brothers aspired to become like their father. With their parents’ divorce, Rex lived with his mother in Toronto, Canada before moving back to the US to pursue a career in football. The twins attended Stevenson High School while their father was the defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears. Rex then attended the Southwestern Oklahoma State University where he played as a defensive end in 1986.

After graduation, and with a bit of help from his father, Rex secured a job as a graduate assistant for the Eastern Kentucky Colonels collegiate football team, and the team went on to win the Ohio Valley Conference title during his time as assistant. Rex’s next job would have him become the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator for the New Mexico Highlands. He then moved to Morehead State as defensive coordinator, and helped the team become one of the strongest defenses during his four year stay. His net worth was rising.

His first job for the NFL came when his father landed the head coach’s job at the Arizona Cardinals, and Rex worked as a defensive assistant for the team, with the Cardinals posting and improved record during the 1994 season. A losing record the following year however meant that the entire staff would be fired. Rex went back to collegiate coaching, and was then called by the Baltimore Ravens for the defensive line coaching position. This would be the start of a great increase in his net worth.

During his first year with the Ravens, they were second in the league in terms of defense. The team continued to improve in the following year, breaking records on defense and eventually landing entry into Super Bowl XXXV, and winning the championship. He was promoted to defensive coordinator and worked with the Ravens until 2008, when he accepted a head coach position with the New York Jets.

Rex Ryan was able to bring the Jets towards back to back AFC appearances in the next two years, losing to eventual Super Bowl champions, the Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team continued to perform consistently, until they sported a poor record in 2014 which resulted in the dismissal of Rex. He is now coaching for the Buffalo Bills under a 5- year, $27.5 million contract.

In his personal life, Rob has been married to Michelle, and they have two sons – Seth plays football for Clemson. Rob is known for being confident and brash in front of the media. It has earned him criticism though he admittedly does it to remove the heat from his players and just allow them to develop. Rob has been battling dyslexia for most his life and also underwent lap-band surgery to fight obesity. His coaching career is still going strong despite these obstacles.

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