Rene Nezhoda Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Rene Nezhoda was born on 11 April 1977 in Austria, and is now a German-American reality television personality, entrepreneur and author, best known for being featured in the A&E Network’s reality television series “Storage Wars”.

So just how rich is Rene Nezhoda at present? According to sources, Nezhoda has acquired a net worth of over $1.5 million, as of early 2018, earned largely through his involvement in the “Storage Wars” show, as well as through his personal business.

Rene Nezhoda Net Worth $1.5 Million

Nezhoda grew up in Frankfurt, Germany until 1990, when he and his father, a struggling actor, moved to the US, settling in San Diego, where Rene attended the Las Vegas High School.

Nezhoda first became involved in buying and selling antiques, collectibles and various other items when he was 11 years old. He eventually started a small business, based on buying and re-selling items found in auctions of abandoned storage units, and the business rapidly grew. Today, his store called “Bargain Hunters Thrift Store LLC”, spans an area of around 7,000 square feet and is filled with various collectibles and antiques in great quantity. It is located at the Carriage Center West Shopping Center in Poway, California., and is run by him and his wife Casey. Nezhoda also has an online store, enabling buyers from all around the world to get a look at the items he has for sale. Having an extensive knowledge of secondhand sales has enabled Nezhoda to earn a sizable net worth.

In 2013 Nezhoda joined the popular reality television series on the A&E Network, “Storage Wars”, which portrays professional buyers and their teams as they purchase items from storage units after the lessee has stopped paying rent for the unit, so they become available for public auction. Many of the products found in storage are in fact hidden treasures, enabling the buyers to earn good money once able to sell them.

The show’s staff had been trying to get Nezhoda on to the program since its launch in 2010, however, his busy schedule never allowed him time for that. Finally, during the show’s fourth season, he and Casey both joined the cast in recurring roles, and in the fifth season they became the full-time main buyers. The couple has remained on “Storage Wars” ever since, mostly appearing in the last half of each episode when the cast members are trying to evaluate the items they have found. Particularly interesting has been the entertaining on-screen drama between Nezhoda and Darrell Sheets, another regular buyer.

Once on the show, Nezhoda quickly established a reputation, showing a great deal of knowledge of the value of second hand items as well as a great capability to sell them. “Storage Wars” has made him a recognized figure on television, and reinforced his status in the business. It has also considerably added to his wealth.

Also, since joining the show, his the store has achieved a much bigger following, thus increasing his profit significantly. In addition, Nezhoda has published a price guide on thrift stores on Limited Edition Casino Chips.

When it comes to his personal life, Nezhoda is married to Casey Nezhoda, with whom he has a daughter; the family resides in San Diego.

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