Reena Ninan Net Worth

March 3, 2023
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Reena Ninan was born on 18 April 1979, in Tampa, Florida USA, into a family of mixed ethnicity, and is best known as an American journalist who has worked for networks such as CBS and Fox News, including as a correspondent for one of America’s leading channels, ABC.

So just how rich is Reena Ninan as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that Reena’s net worth is over $1.5 million, accumulated from her over a decade long career in the previously mentioned field, in which she reportedly earns a significant salary.

Reena Ninan Net Worth $1.5 million

When it comes to her education, Reena attended George Washington University, in Washington DC, where she earned a bachelor’s degree majoring in political communication, with a minor in Women’s Studies. Having majored in political communication, Ninan naturally pursued her career in the political journalism, beginning her career as a live-shot producer for the Washington Post, and joining ‘’World News Now’’ where she served as an anchor.

Her other work has included reporting for “20/20” and “Nightline” among other broadcasts for the ABC television network. Besides that, Ninan was the Middle East correspondent for the Fox Channel from 2007 to 2012, and was then a Washington-based producer for the previously mentioned network. Reena took a great step in her career being involved in stories about Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya and Iraq, and her efforts and journalistic skills were recognized by the public, all contributing to her rising net worth.

Reena’s work for the worldwide successful channel ABC started in 2012 and her career has continued to progress upwards since then. She started by reporting about the White House and the State Department, and then worked for ‘’Good Morning America’’ as a foreign correspondent, and on ‘’America This Morning’’ since 2014. She is associated with some of the most important news shows on the ABC network, and has also worked as a correspondent for CBS News, based in New York City. Her efforts for the American journalism have certainly been noticed, and she was included on the list of “Women on the Front Lines”, which was created by Glamour Magazine in 2011.

When it comes to Reena’s love life and relationship status, she has been married to Kevin Peraino, an author and a former news reporter since 2011, their wedding ceremony covered in the media; the couple has a son and a daughter. Speaking about other aspects of Ninan’s private life, she is active on social media such as Twitter, using her account to post the latest news and in addition to that, has an account on Instagram, where she shares photos from work as well as from her private life. In October 2017, she supported the release of Alabed Bana’s book entitled ‘’Dear World’’, focused on a Syrian girl’s point of view regarding war.

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