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November 21, 2023
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The hip hop group was then introduced to producer Ronald Khalis Bell while creating music. Michel still continued with his studies, but performing songs with his hip hop group. He attended Rutgers College and Yale University, pursuing a double major in Philosophy and Psychology.

After a couple of years working together, the trio finally released their debut album in 1994, “Blunted on Reality”. Although the album did not perform that well, it still helped launch the career of the group, and start their net worth. The Rap Translators later decided to change their name to the Fugees, relating to Haitian refugees in the United States.

Pras Net Worth $20 Million

In 1996, after the change of name the Fugees released their second album “The Score”, which easily surpassed the performance of their debut album, as it became an international success, which catapulted the trio to fame and tremendously increased their net worth.

After the Fugees, Michel was able to pursue a solo career and maintain his success. His songs “Ghetto Supastar (The Is What You Are) and “Blue Angels” became chart-toppers all over the globe in 1999. His solo career also helped in the rise of his wealth.

Aside from his successful musical career, Michel was also able to succeed in the film industry. Some of the movies that he has been involved in include “Mystery Men”, “Turn It Up”, “Higher Ed” and “Go for Broke” among others. They also added to his net worth.

He also used his passion for film-making to make eye-opening documentaries that received critical success all over the world. Michel’s first documentary film “Skid Row” released in 2007 exposed the realities of being a homeless person in Los Angeles. His second documentary, “Paper Dreams” was filmed in Somalia, in which the whole film gave light to the piracy on the African coast. His most recent work – “Sweet Micky for President” – featured him and artist friend Sweet Micky as they run Micky’s presidential campaign in Haiti. All of his documentary films received positive reviews from critics and also helped increase his wealth.

In terms of his personal life, Michel is single but has one son to former girlfriend Angela Severiano.

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