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March 22, 2023
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Moriah Rose Pereira is a singer-songwriter and Internet personality, perhaps best known for her debut EP called “Bubblebath”, and studio album “Poppy.Computer”. She is also the face of the Hello Sanrio collection of Japanese wholesaler Sanrio. Poppy has been active in the entertainment industry since 2014.

How much is the net worth of Poppy? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the overall size of her wealth is as much as $700,000, as of the data presented at the end of 2017.

Poppy Net Worth $700,000

To begin with, as a child Moriah Pereira’s only desire was to become a dancer, and be part of the famous Rockettes troupe, so she took dance lessons for eleven years. Her father was the drummer in a band, and she often attended their performances as a child. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee with her family at the age of 14.

Concerning her professional career, she began to work with director Titanic Sinclair, producing a series of abstract videos that served, among other things, for promoting her music. In 2015, Poppy signed a contract with the record label Island Records, and released her first song entitled “Everybody Wants to Be Poppy” (2015). Later, she released her debut single “Lowlife”, then at the beginning of 2016, she released her first EP called “Island Bubblebath”. In the summer of 2016, she was involved in a series of promotional videos for shoe brand Steve Madden on her YouTube channel, then later that year Poppy released an experimental ambient music album entitled “3:36 (Music To Sleep To)”, composed by Titanic Sinclair and herself – the album was specifically designed to eliminate sleep problems.

The same year Poppy moved from Island Records to Interscope Records, and at the end of the year released her first song, “Adored” under the new label. At the same time she became the face of the Hello Sanrio collection of the Japanese brand Sanrio. Her next single, “I’m Poppy” was released at the beginning of 2017 under her own label I’m Poppy Records, and then starred in a series “Internet Famous With Poppy” broadcast by Comedy Central. In the middle of 2017, her single “Computer Boy” was released, all these activities adding steadily to her net worth.

Regarding her career on the Internet, Poppy’s YouTube channel was created in 2011 – the channel has been discussed by many other creators including PewDiePie, MatPat and the Fine Brothers. In addition to her abstract videos, Poppy also uploaded on her channel her official music videos – her first video was called “Poppy Eats Cotton Candy”, followed by several cover and acoustic versions of her songs “Lowlife” and “Everybody Wants To Be Poppy”. She also has an animated mini-series called “Everybody Wants To Be Poppy” on her channel.

To conclude, all the above described engagements have increased the total size of Poppy net worth.

Finally, in the personal life of Poppy, her true identity is kept secret as much as possible, so there is no information of any romantic associations, not even rumours, yet!

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