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April 18, 2024
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Pax Prentiss, born in 1976, is an American businessman and former heroin addict, famously known as the CEO and co-founder of the controversial treatment facility center “Passages Malibu” and “Passages Ventura”.

So how much is Prentiss’ net worth? As of early 2016 it is reported to be $15 million, gained mostly from the operations of his treatment facilities and the sales of his book.

Pax Prentiss Net Worth $15 Million

Prentiss was born in California, and was a drug addict for over ten years, trying everything from heroin, to cocaine, and even alcohol. Such addiction led him to lose his friends and family, and also his fortune. After several years, his father Chris found out about his addiction and helped him recover from the disease.

Father and son tried everything to cure Pax’s addiction. Chris sent Prentiss to an isolated cabin in Big Sur in California for nine months, but he relapsed quickly upon return. Prentiss also tried various treatment facilities using the popular 12-step method of addicts and alcoholics, but nothing changed. Eventually, Prentiss became sober, saying that he achieved it through the program he and his father had created.

In 2001, Prentiss and his father Chris opened “Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center”, located in Malibu, California. The facility applies the same principles that Prentiss used to achieve sobriety, focusing on one-on-one sessions with patients instead of group counselling, concentrating on their underlying problems and concerns, rather than looking at them as people with an incurable disease.

“Passages” garnered success over the years with its one of a kind program. For an estimated amount of $88,500 a month, patients will receive therapy from different specialists ranging from family therapists to hypnotherapists. Patients can also enjoy acupuncture, life and spiritual coaches and even gourmet meals. The success of the center has increased Prentiss’ net worth over the years.

However, despite the achievements of Prentiss and his facility, they have been bombarded with controversy because of their program. “Passages” does not use the famous 12-step method, popularly used by the “Betty Ford Clinic”, and does not endorse patients to similar programs after leaving the facility, because they are already ‘cured’. Critics are also questioning the expensive facility, calling it one of the largest and most expensive in Malibu. While “Passages” bills patients $88,500 a months, other facilities average to $30,000.

Despite the controversy, “Passages” and Prentiss continue to flourish, and the father and son team plans to expand their rehabilitation centers. In 2009, they opened “Passages Ventura” a cheaper option for $32,500 a month, and plan to open new facilities in Santa Barbara, California and in The Hamptons, Long Island, New York which will very likely expand their net worth. Prentiss also wants to apply the same program of “Passages” but for a non-profit organization, focusing on youths and homeless adults who need help.

Aside from their facility, Prentiss and his father have also co-authored a book “The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure”. The book includes their story of recovery from addiction and teaching others to do the same.

In terms of his personal life, Prentiss has never married, but has a daughter named Taylor who he is raising – the product of a casual affair – and who he says is his inspiration to being better.

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