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March 9, 2024
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Fionna Pamela Adlon was born on the 9th July 1966, in New York City, USA, and is an actress and voice actress perhaps best known for being the voice of Bobby Hill in the animated series “King of the Hill” (1997 – 2010), a role for which she won the Emmy Award for the Best Performance in Dubbing in 2002. Among others, her roles include Dolores Rebchuck in the movie “Grease 2” (1982) and Girl Joey in the comedy “Bad Manners” (1984). Adlon has been active in the entertainment industry since 1982.

How much is the net worth of Pamela Adlon? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the overall size of her wealth is as much as $16 million, as of the data presented in early 2017. Films and television are the major sources of Adlon’s fortune.

Pamela Adlon Net Worth $16 Million

To begin with, she is the daughter of Donald Maxwell Segall, a screen writer and producer, and Marina Segall who is English. Pamela started her career at the age of nine, working in the productions of her father and his friends. She studied at Sarah Lawrence College.

Concerning the professional career of Pamela Adlon, she had a role in the film “Grease 2” in 1982 and was featured in the sitcom “The Facts of Life” in the seasons of 1983 and 1984. Since then she has appeared in minor roles in film and on television, both as an actor and voice actor. Her first role as a voice actress was landed in the television series “Rugrats” (1992 – 2002) in which Pamela voiced a number of characters including Dean, Sticky, Wiseguy and Young Drew Pickles, but meantime winning an Emmy Award for voicing in the television series “King of the Hill” (1997 – 2010). In 2006, Adlon lent her voice to the animated series “Squirrel Boy” aired on Cartoon Network, and was one of the main performers of the sitcom “Lucky Louie” broadcast on HBO. She had a starring role in the series “Lucky Louie” as the wife of Louie, played by Louis CK in 2006, initially only for a season, but then in a recurring role, as well as participating in both the production and script writing. In the television series “Californication” (2007 – 2014), she played a lead role, and was then in the main role of the feature film “Conception” (2011) by Josh Stolberg. Recently, she has starred alongside Dylan Gelula, Tim Heidecker and Brianna Hildebrand in the romantic drama film “First Girl I Loved” (2016) by Kerem Sanga, and cureently Adlon has been voicing the television series “Better Things” and “The Loud House”.

To conclude, all the aforementioned engagements have added sums to the total size of Pamela Adlon’s net worth.

Finally, in the personal life of the actress and voice actress, Pamela Adlon was married to the writer Felix O from 1996 to 2010, and they have three children together. Pamela divides her time between residences in Los Angeles, California and Manhattan, New York City.

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