Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth

March 9, 2024
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Oscar De La Hoya, also known as The Golden Boy, is an American professional boxer, businessperson and author who has an estimated net worth of $220 million. He is considered to be one of the richest boxers of all time and certainly in the United States. During his career De La Hoya fought in six different weight divisions and even became a pop culture celebrity as a non-heavyweight boxer. He is known as a man who was able to defeat 17 world champions and is a winner of 10 world titles. Of course, this was a huge investment in De La Hoya’s net worth.

Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth $220 Million

Oscar De La Hoya was born on February 4, 1973, in East Los Angeles, California, United States. Already at the age of 16 he won the National Golden Gloves title. One year later he became the winner of the U.S. National Championship. He became the youngest boxer from the United States to win a gold medal at the Goodwill Games, a great success. This was the first step into his career as a boxer and that’s how Oscar De La Hoya’s net worth started to increase. During his amateur boxing career, De La Hoya was able to make a very successful beginning – he won 234 fights and lost only six. However, he was twice defeated by the same person – American professional boxer Shane Mosley. In the same weight division he was able to defeat Pernell Whitaker – this was a big investment in building Oscar De La Hoya’s net worth.

However, as a professional boxer he debuted only in 1992. He fought professionally from 1992 until 2008. In 2008 he fought Manny Pacquiao and lost. However, his boxing career brought Oscar an amazing popularity among the fans and spectators and a huge amount of net worth. Also he was a gold medalist in the Olympic Games, in Barcelona in 1992.

Talking about his acting career, De La Hoya has appeared in many different TV shows as a guest. The most notable of these were “The Stories You Don’t Hear About”, “Michael Chiklis, Oscar De La Hoya, Robbers On High Street”, “Dr. Phil McGraw, Oscar De La Hoya, Franz Ferdinand” and “George’s Bogey-ous Relationship with Vic Is Putt to the Test”.

Oscar De La Hoya is also known as a successful businessman. For example, in 2004 he debuted a clothing line which was inspired through Mervyns department store – a middle scale store which is based in Hayward, Calfornia, founded by Mervin G. Morris. Nowadays De La Hoya continues earning more money and increasing his net worth as a successful businessman. However, he also has some problems in personal life – for example, one year ago Oscar De La Hoya announced he was returning to alcohol and drug treatment.

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