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May 28, 2023
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Olivia Mary de Havilland was born on the 1st July 1916, in Tokyo, Japan, to English parents. She is an actress, best known to the world for appearing in such Hollywood blockbusters as “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938), “Gone With The Wind” (1939), and “The Snake Pit”, among others. Her career was active from the 1930s until the late 1980s.

Have you ever wondered how rich Olivia de Havilland is, as of mid-2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Olivia`s net worth is as high as $20 million. Apart from films, Olivia has also made frequent stage appearances, some of the most notable include those in Broadway productions such as “A Midsummer Night`s Dream” and “Romeo and Juliet”, among others, which also improved her net worth.

Olivia de Havilland Net Worth $20 Million

Born in Japan to Walter Augustus de Havilland and Lilian Augusta de Havilland Fontaine, she moved to California in 1919, with her parents and sister, Joan Fontaine, who later became an actress as well. However, her parents divorced, and Olivia stayed with her mother and sister in California, in Saratoga, a village around 80km from San Francisco.

Since an early age, Olivia was taught to love the arts. Influenced and taught by her mother, it was only a matter of time before Olivia would become a professional actress, or a ballet dancer or even a pianist. She went to the Los Gatos High School, where she was heavily involved in the school`s drama club, and also became its secretary. Following her matriculation, she received a scholarship to Mills College in Oakland, which would enable her to study English language and become a professor, however, she was spotted by Max Reinhardt`s assistant and was offered the role of Hermia in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, which would be presented in Broadway theaters. She accepted the offer, and after the premiere, Max took Olivia on a four week tour, as he was impressed by her performance.
The next big thing for Olivia was the role of Hermia in the film production of “A Midsummer Night`s Dream”, which Reinhardt directed, after Warner Bros. decided to produce the film. Olivia then signed a contract with the production house, which would earn her $200 per week for the next five years. This marked the real beginning of her professional career, and an increase to her net worth.

During the 1930s, Olivia built a name for herself, appearing in such films as “Captain Blood” (1936) with Errol Flynn and Lionel Atwill, then in “The Great Garrick”, before making a breakout appearance as Marian in the film “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938), again with Flynn. The role celebrated her as an actress, but also added a lot to her net worth.

After the role of Marian, she was selected to play Melanie Hamilton in the highly successful film “Gone With The Wind” (1939) opposite Clark Gable. Through the 1940s, Olivia became one of the greatest actresses of the Hollywood Golden age, Classical era, starring in films such as “Hold Back the Dawn” (1941), “Government Girl” (1943), “To Each His Own” (1946), “Devotion” – as Charlotte, one of the Bronte sisters, alongside Ida Lupino and Paul Henreid – “The Snake Pit” (1948), and “The Heiress” (1949), with Ralph Richardson and Montgomery Cliff.

In the 1950s, she moved to Paris, and married Pierre Galante, and focused more on family, but still appeared in several successful films, including “The Lady” (1955) in the lead role, “Not As A Stranger” (1955) with Frank Sinatra, “The Ambassador`s Daughter” (1956) alongside John Forsythe, and “Libel” (1959), among others, all of which increased her net worth.

In the 1960s, her popularity began to decline, and she made her last lead role appearance in 1964 in the film “Lady in a Cage”. To the end of the 1960s, she appeared only in a couple of minor roles, in such TV series as “The Big Valley” (1965), and “The Danny Thomas Hour” (1968).

As she grew older, it became harder to find new roles, and in the 1970s she made only a few appearances in such productions as “The Screaming Woman” (1972), “Airport `77” (1977), and “The Fifth Musketeer” (1979), but they also added to her net worth.

Olivia retired in the late 1980s, after over fifty years of activity in the entertainment industry; however, before retirement, she still managed to make several notable appearances in such films as “The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana” playing Queen Elizabeth, “Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna” (1986) as the Dowager Empress Maria, and “The Woman He Loved” (1988) as Aunt Bessie Merryman, which was her last appearance.

After retiring from acting, Olivia stayed active in Hollywood, as a presenter of Academy Awards in 2003, among other appearances.

Thanks to her skills, Olivia received numerous prestigious nominations and awards, including the Academy Award in the category Best Actress in a Leading Role for her work on film “The Heiress”, and also an Academy Award in the same category, for the film “To Each His Own”. Furthermore, she won two Golden Globe awards, the first one in category Best Actress for the film “The Heiress”, and second one in category Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series for her work on “Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna”. She also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960.

Regarding her personal life, Olivia has been married and divorced twice; her first husband was Marcus Goodrich, they married in 1949 but divorced in 1953. The couple had one child together. Her second marriage was with Pierre Galante, whom she married in 1955; their marriage lasted until 1962, but they lived in the same house until 1968. She gave birth to their daughter in 1956.

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