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September 1, 2023
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Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr. was born on the 31st January 1947 in Refugio, Texas USA, and is best known as a former professional baseball player, who is considered as the best ever pitcher in the MLB, with a record of 5,714 strikeouts. He played for the New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros, and Texas Rangers, and his career was active from 1966 to 1993. He is known as the CEO of the Texas Ranges as well. Currently, he works as an executive advisor to the owner of the Houston Astor.

Have you ever wondered how rich is Nolan Ryan? Sources estimate that Nolan Ryan’s net worth is $60 million, with the main source of this amount of money being his career as a professional baseball player. Additional to this, when he retired, he started working as a special assistant for the Houston Astros, which has also added to his net worth.

Nolan Ryan Net Worth $60 Million

Nolan Ryan is the youngest child of Lynn Nolan Ryan, Sr., and Martha Lee Hancock Ryan. He was raised with five siblings. When he was a kid, he enjoyed throwing objects at any kind of target, which was spotted by his father who encouraged him to start playing baseball. At the age of nine, Ryan began playing baseball for Alvin Little League Baseball team, where he played in different positions besides pitcher. In the next few years, while he attended Alvin High School, he played for the team of Coach Jim Watson, where he started to show his baseball skills holding a strikeout record for a single game. In 1963, Red Murff – a baseball scout of New York Mets – noticed him for the first time and he was entranced. Thus, Ryan’s professional baseball career began as early as 1965, when he was finally selected by the New York Mets as a pick from the 12th round of the 1965 MLB Draft. However, he didn’t manage to enter the roster, and was sent to the Marion Mets of the Appalachian League. Thanks to good games, he rejoined the New York Mets the next year.

He stayed with Mets until 1971, and won his only World Champion series in 1969. In 1972 he was traded to the California Angels, where he stayed until 1979. During his tenure at the Angels, he managed to feature in five All-Star selections, in 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, and 1979. His contract ended after the 1979 season, and he became a free agent, but soon signed a contract with the Houston Astros, which increased his net worth by a large margin, and he stayed with the team until 1989. He continued with excellent performances, and earned three more All-Star appearances in 1981, 1985, and 1989. In 1989, Nolan left the Astros after a contract dispute, and signed with Texas Rangers, staying with the team until his retirement in 1993.

To speak of his accomplishments, Ryan was named Strikeout Leader 11 times in his career, and was twice named as NL ERA Leader. He holds the record of 5,714 career strikeouts and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999. Ryan was also elected into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame in, and Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame. One of his highest honors is throwing the fastest baseball pitch in the world, with record of 100.9 miles per hour.

After retirement, Ryan became the owner of two minor baseball league clubs, Corpus Christi Hooks, and Round Rock Express. For a short time, Ryan was president of the Texas Rangers, and in 2010 bought the Rangers with Chuck Greenberg, becoming CEO of the team. The future success of the team increased Ryan’s net worth, but his net worth gained a boost again when he was hired as special assistant to the owner of the Houston Astros, Jim Crane.

Regarding his personal life, Nolan Ryan has been married to Ruth Holdorff, his sweetheart from high school, since 1967. The couple has three children, and the Ryan’s residence is currently in Georgetown, Austin. He is also active in politics.

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