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November 23, 2023
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Marie Louise Hartman is a pornographic actress, pornographic film director, author, sex-positive feminist and sex educator, born on 11th March 1959 in Berkeley, California, US.

Have you ever wondered how rich Nina Hartley is? According to sources it has been estimated that Nina Hartley’s overall net worth is over $2 million. Nina has acquired her wealth by appearing in over 900 adult-films since the ‘80s. Besides her career as a porn star, Hartley also began a directing career which significantly led to an increase in her net worth. Since she is still very active in the pornography industry, her net worth continues to grow.

Nina Hartley Net Worth $2 Million

Hartley was born the youngest of four children, to a Lutheran father and Jewish mother, and is also of German and Swedish descent. Although born in Berkeley, she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Upon finishing Berkeley High School, Nina enrolled at San Francisco State University’s undergraduate nursing school, graduating in 1985. However, already during her studies, Hartley had started working as a stripper, eventually making her way to the world of pornographic movies by the time she was in her final year. Her debut in an adult-movie came in 1984 when she appeared in “Educating Nina” beside her older colleague, Juliet Anderson. He rnet worth was also already established.

After launching her career with this huge hit, Nina went on to appear in numerous other porn films, including the 17 that she has directed so far, progressively accumulating her wealth and popularity. Apart from actively taking part in porno films, she also has a line of instructional videos regarding sex acts, which are marketed as “Nina Hartley’s Guide”. She is a celebrity very often seen on talk shows, including Oprah Winfrey and Phil Donahue. However, she has also appeared in some mainstream films such as “Bubbles Galore” (1996) and “Boogie Nights” (1997).

Other than her acting career, Nina is a devoted activist. She considers herself an outspoken sex-positive feminist, an adult film industry advocate and a strong opponent of illegal drugs in this industry. When it comes to her more recent career, Hartley remains active in porn industry, but mostly in the field of “mature”-themed pornography. She was featured in the 2010 documentary about her life, called “After Porn Ends”. In 2006, Nina published her first book, entitled “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex”, so her net worth is still rising.

Privately, Hartley is openly bisexual; she has married twice, firstly to David Arthur Carr to whom she was married for 17 years and secondly, to Ernest Greene, a director of porn films, to whom she has been married since 2003. She often works with her husband, and has taken part in many of the films he has directed. Nina also serves on the Board of Directors of the “Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance”, an organization that fights for sexual freedom as a basic human right. She proclaimed herself as an atheist, but recently corrected her statement to “neo-pagan” with a Buddhist trait.

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