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March 18, 2023
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Nicholas William Hamilton was born in May 4 2000, in Lismore, New South Wales Australia, and is an actor, perhaps best known for appearing in the film “It” playing Henry Bowers. He’s been active in the industry since his 2013 appearance in the short film “Time”. All of his efforts have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Nicholas Hamilton? As of late-2017, sources estimate a net worth that is at $350,000, mostly earned through a successful career in acting. He also appeared in the film “Captain Fantastic” which he played Rellian. He received award nominations for his performance in the film. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Nicholas Hamilton Net Worth $350,000

Nicholas would find his break in acting when appearing in the short film entitled “Time”, which would win him a Tropfest Award for Best Actor. Thanks to his performance, more acting opportunities opened up for him, which eventually increased his net worth significantly. He then appeared in a string of short films including “The Streak”, “Jackrabbit”, “Long Shadows”, and “Letter to Anabelle”, and in an episode of “Mako Mermaids”, an Australian television show for children. He made his feature film debut in 2015 in “Strangerland”, played the role of Tom, which was Kim Farrant’s directorial debut and starred Nicole Kidman as well as Joseph Fiennes; however, the film bombed at the box office. He then appeared in an episode of the series “Wanted” which is an Australian drama series, all adding steadily to his net worth.

After appearing in the short film entitled “Gifted”, Hamilton was then cast as Rellian in the film “Captain Fantastic” which starred Viggo Mortensen, the comedy drama film being considered one of the top independent films of 2016, and winning a Viggo an Academy Award nomination. For Hamilton’s performance in the film, he was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Actor. In 2017, he would be cast in two films based on Stephen King novels; his roles would boost his popularity and raise his net worth further. He appeared as Lucas Hanson in the film “The Dark Tower” which starred Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, and which is intended to launch a film and television series – although it grossed highly at the box office, it received a lot of negative reviews. Hamilton also had a supporting role in “It”, which set numerous box office records, making it the highest grossing horror film unadjusted for inflation, earning $688 million. It is also the second highest grossing R-rated film of all time after “Deadpool”. It is listed as the 10th highest grossing film of 2017, with both the cast, story, direction, music and cinematography receiving praise. It is considered one of the best adaptations of a Stephen King novel.

For his personal life, not much is known about any of Nicholas’ romantic relationships, if any at the age of just 17; he has a brother. He sparked a bit of controversy while playfully giving middle fingers to photographers at the Cannes Film Festival alongside Viggo Mortensen.

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