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December 17, 2023
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Natalie Jane Imbruglia was born on 4 February 1975, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, of part-Italian descent. Natalie is a singer, model, actress, and songwriter, probably best known for performing her hit cover of the song “Torn”. She was also part of the Australian TV soap opera “Neighbours”, but all of her efforts have helped put her net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Natalie Imbruglia? As of early-2017, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $14 million, mostly earned through a successful career in music. Her album “Left of the Middle” has sold seven million copies worldwide. She’s sold over 10 million albums, and as she continues her career it is expected that her wealth will increase.

Natalie Imbruglia Net Worth $14 million

At a young age, Natalie studied highland, tap, and ballet dancing, hoping to pursue a career in dance. She appeared in various commercials including for Twisties and Coca-Cola, and left school to pursue acting, soon appearing in the soap opera “Neighbours”, in which she stayed there for two years, and then moved to London, subsequently signing a record deal with BMG.

It was then that she released the cover of the Ednaswap song “Torn”; the song would become very popular and would increase her net worth dramatically. It aired at the top on airplay around the world and was number one on the Billboard Airplay chart for 14 weeks. The song sold one million copies in the UK and was released as a single in the United States, breaking numerous records, and it led to her debut album – “Left of the Middle”. The album was certified platinum, after which she would then release the song “Big Mistake”. Other songs including “Wishing I Was There” would not reach the same success as the previous songs, but in 1998, she would receive an MTV Award for Best New Artist and would also get three Grammy nominations. She also won two Brit Awards.

In 2001, she released “White Lilies Island”, co-writing every track on the album. The song “Wrong Impression” would chart, but the other songs barely made any ground. In 2003, the record label refused to release her third album, claiming that it was not radio friendly. She then left, and would sign with Brightside Recordings. In 2005, she released the album “Counting Down the Days”, and the song “Shiver” would become her longest running successful single since “Torn”. She would then go on a European Tour, and worked on a compilation album which would sell 600,000 copies. This continued in helping build her net worth.

Imbruglia started her own label called Malabar Records, and would then collaborate with various artists including Chris Martin and Daniel Johns. She released the song “Want” from the album “Come to Life”, before the album was released in 2009. Afterwards, she would foray into acting again, appearing in three movies and a stage production. One of her latest projects is the album “Male”, and she is planning a tour to promote the album.

For her personal life, it is known that Natalie married Daniel Johns in 2003 but they divorced in 2008. She has also dated actor David Schwimmer. In 2013, she became a naturalized British citizen. Natalie also does various philanthropic work, including modelling for charity.

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