Najib Mikati Net Worth

August 31, 2023
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Najib Azmi Mukati is a Tripoli, Lebanon-born Lebanese politician probably best known as the former Prime Minister of the country. Born on 24 November 1995, Najib has served as the Prime Minister of Lebanon twice. One of the recognized politicians in the world, Najib belongs to a Sunni Muslim family hailing from Tripoli, and is also the richest person in Lebanon as of now.

One of the richer people at the present, a successful businessman as well as a highly regarded politician, how rich is Najib as of now? As of early 2016, he has been counting his net worth at $3.3 billion which is obviously the result of his successful career as a businessman while also being a politician and serving in various highly regarded positions has also been significant in adding to his wealth. His co-founded telecommunication company that sold for billions of dollars has been one of the most important sources of his income.

Najib Mikati Net Worth $3.3 Million

Raised in Tripoli, Najib attended the American University of Beirut to graduate with his MBA degree. He also attended a summer school at Harvard and INSEAD. After college, in 1982 Mikati went on to co-found the telecommunications company named Investcom, along with his brother Taha. The company became one of the largest telecommunications companies in Lebanon and earned million in revenues each year. After being a part of this company for more than two decades, the company was sold to the South African group MTN for $5.5 billion in 2006. Needless to say, this was one of the pivotal points in Mikati’s life, which made him a billionaire and now the richest person in Lebanon.

Apart from business, Najib is better known to the world as a successful politician who has already served as the Prime Minister of Lebanon twice. His career as a politician was initiated after being appointed Minister of Public Works and Transport in 1998. Next he was elected to the Lebanese parliament in 2000, and later became noticed for his inclination to support Syria. After serving in several ministrial positions, he was appointed as the Prime Minister of Lebanon on 15 April 2005. Although, he was appointed by the then President of the country, Emile Lahoud, Najib resigned from the position after three months when the opposition gained a majority in the ensuing election.

Eventually, on 13 June 2011, Mikati was appointed as the Prime Minister of Lebanon for the second time by President Michel Suleiman. This time, Najib served in this position for until March 2013, before he was succeeded by Tammam Salam. Needless to say, his salaries while serving in these important posts along with his business ventures have been the most significant in adding to his net worth over the years.

As of now, Mikati is still involved with the political party entitled “March 8 Alliance” under which he pursues his relatively successful political career. He is married to May, and they have three children. He is apparently enjoying his life as one of the most successful businessman and one of the more highly regarded politician in his own country. As for his present net worth of $3.3 billion, it has been complementing his life while also making him the richest person in Lebanon at the present.

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