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April 18, 2024
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Morris Eugene Day is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-born American musician and actor who is best known for being the lead singer of the band “The Time”. Born on 13 December 1957, Morris has also tasted success as a solo singer. Day has been active in the field of music since 1981.

A popular singer and a noted actor, how wealthy is Morris Day? As of 2015, Morris Day is enjoying a total net worth estimated by sources at $3 million. Most of his net worth has been amassed from his successful career as a singer and some parts of it come from his acting career as well. Moreover, his concerts and musical tours have also added a lot to Morris’s net worth over time.

Morris Day Net Worth $3 Million

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Morris was inclined towards music from an early age. While Morris was in high school, he and his friends, Prince and Amdre Cymone, who are now major artists, formed a band which was initially named as “Grand Central”. The band, managed by Morris’s mother, was later called “Champagne”. As the band member Prince went on to find success in his solo career; Morris was enabled by the Warner Bros. label to assemble new bands which resulted in the formation of “The Time”. Morris Day became the lead singer of this band, due to his closeness with Prince, and the band was later known as “The Original 7ven”.

The Time initially did not find success in music until 1990, when their single “Jerk Out” was released and it was listed at #1 in the R&B charts. The bane went on to produce many popular singles such as “The Bird”, “Get It Up”, “Cool”, “The Walk” and many more which are still popular. Meanwhile, Morris started to embark upon his solo career as he released his first solo studio album entitled “Color of Success” under the label of Warner Bros in 1985. All these projects added to Morris’ net worth.

In his solo career, Morris has released many popular singles with the likes of “Color of Success”, “Fishnet”, “Daydreaming”, and “The Character” among others. To date, Morris has also released four solo albums including “Daydreaming”, “Guaranteed”, “It’s About Time” etc., and five albums being a part of The Time. All of these albums have obviously added extensively to Morris’s net worth to now make him a multi-millionaire.

Apart from the albums, Morris is also noted for his impeccable live performances. He currently performs with the members of his new band, The Original 7ven, which consists of most of the members of The Time.

Adding to this, Morris is also noted for appearing in many television shows and Hollywood movies. Some of the movies in which Morris has performed are “Moving”, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane” and more. Apart from movies, Morris has appeared in TV sitcoms like “New Attitude”, “Moesha” and others.

In her personal life, Morris Day was married to Judith Jones from 1986-2008, however, currently this talented entertainer is apparently single, but has been enjoying his successful and celebrated life as a singer.

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