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April 18, 2024
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Miranda Taylor Cosgrove was born on May 14, 1993 in Los Angeles, California USA, of French, English and Irish descent. The actress and singer is perhaps best known for  playing Carly in the TV series “iCarly” first aired in 2007.

So how rich is Miranda Cosgrove? Sources have estimated that Miranda has a net worth of $7 million, much of it accumulated from her role in “iCarly”, for which she is reputed to have been paid $180,000 per episode.

Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth $7 Million

Miranda Cosgrove’s father Tom ran his own dry cleaning business, and her mom Chris was a homemaker; as an only child, she was home-schooled, and only decided to go to the University of Southern California in 2012.  Miranda had no real say in the start of her career in the entertainment business: apparently she was a three year-old child prodigy performing in a restaurant when a talent agent noticed her and offered the young lady the chance to become a model, to which her mom agreed. Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth began growing then, appearing on screen as a commercial model including in McDonalds and Mello Yello commercials, after which Miranda decided that she liked acting and wanted to continue her career.

It was in 2001 when Miranda Cosgrove had her first big role on TV, becoming a member of the cast of “Smallville”. Her first significant role in a movie was as Summer Heathway in “School of Rocks”, released in 2003, but the film also gained 91% on Rotten Tomatoes scores. For the record though, Miranda was highly praised for her acting in this movie, viewed as a very charming girl, having a great ability to combine her talents of acting and singing. Miranda Cosgrove’s first starring role was in 2004 as Megan Parker in the Nickledeon TV series “Drake and Josh”. Miranda increased her net worth in 2005 while acting in “Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie”, a Disney film. She is also famous for appearances in many TV series, with her  credits including “Zoey 101”, “Kenan & Kel”, “Drake & Josh”, and “The Amanda Show”. From 2007 to 2012, Miranda increased her net worth significantly with income from the sitcom “iCarly”. In fact, in 2010, Miranda Cosgrove was labelled as the highest-paid TV actress, and this is because of the aforementioned salary per episode of “iCarly”. There are no doubts Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth is still growing, as she has also appeared in such TV series as “Lilo & Stitch: The Series”, “What`s New, Scooby-Doo?”, “Just Jordan”, “Unfabulous”, “The Naked Brothers Band”, and “The Good Wife”. In particular, Miranda Cosgrove took a leading role in the TV series “Girlfriend in a Coma”.

What is also significant is that Miranda Cosgrove has appeared in such movies as “Yours, Mine and Ours”, “The Wild Stallion”, “Keeping up with the Steins”, “Despicable Me”, “Big Time Christmas”, and “Training Wheels”. Her most recent project in the film industry is the movie called The Intruders, released in 2014, all adding to her net worth.

In her personal life, Miranda Cosgrove has no known romantic affiliation. She is a supporter of medical research in children’s health issues, visiting various children’s hospitals, plus supporting charities Education Through Music and Light the Night Walk, an organization that creates awareness of blood cancer and leukemia.

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