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August 21, 2023
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Michael William “Mike” Krzyzewski was born on 13th February 1947, in Chicago, Illinois USA, of Polish American descent. He was a basketball player and now he is famous because of his career as head coach of Duke University’s basketball team, where he is also known as Coach K.

So just how rich is Mike Krzyzewski? Sources estimate that Krzyzewski’s net worth is $25 million, his money having been made from basketball, as a player and as a coach. His salary was estimated to $4.75-$5 million a year, which makes Coach K number 10 in the Top Richest Coaches in the world. The media have written that in 2014, Mike Krzyzewski made $9.5 million, from salary and bonuses, which increases his net worth to almost $25 million. The coach owns a 7,638 square foot home in Durham North Carolina, next to Duke University, the estimated value of which is $1.15 million.

Mike Krzyzewski Net Worth $25 Million

Mike Krzyzewski graduated from the United States Military Academy in New York in 1969. While he was training to become an officer, he also played basketball and even was the captain of the Army basketball team in the season 1968–69. In 1974, Krzyzewski was discharged from active duty and started coaching the Indiana Hoosiers, as an assistant coach. A year later, he became the Army Cadets’ head coach. In 1980 he was named coach at Duke University and he has remained with the team. Coach K’s Blue Devils had 20 consecutive appearances in the NCAA Tournament, this being the second longest streak in the tournament. Krzyzewski is considered the best coach in college basketball history, with five National Championships, 12 Final Fours, and the highest winning percentage in the tournament.

Mike Krzyzewski was also coach of the American national team for several years. To name just some of his achievements, Coach K has four Olympic gold medals (in 1984, 1992, 2008 and 2012), gold medals at the FIBA World Championship (in 2010 and 2014), gold medals at FIBA Americas Championship (in 2007), and gold medals at FIBA World Cup (in 2014). He has been anointed Coach of the Year numerous times, including three times as Naismith College Coach of the Year and five times as ACC Coach of the Year. He has been inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame(2006), United States Olympic Hall of Fame(2009), and in United States Military Academy Sports Hall of Fame(2009). In 2001, he received the Time/CNN America’s Best Coach Award and in 2011 he was named “Sportsman of the Year” by Sports Illustrated.

In 2004, Coach K turned down the Los Angeles Lakers, which offered him a 5-year contract of $40 million, showing he was more interested in his team than in his net worth.

In his personal life, Mike Krzyzewski married Carol “Mickie” Marsh in 1969. The couple has three children and nine grandchildren. Coach K and his wife are the founders of Emily Krzyzewski Centre, an organisation which helps poor students of all ages to make it through school. The couple is also supporting several foundations and organisations, including the V Foundation for Cancer Research and Duke Children’s Hospital.

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