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April 23, 2023
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George Michael Dolenz, Jr. was born on the 8th March 1945, in Los Angeles, California USA, and is a musician, who is probably still best known for being a singer and the drummer in the 1960s pop/rock band The Monkees. He is also recognized as an actor, appearing in a number of films and TV series such as “Peyton Place” (1965), “The Monkees” (1966-68), “Deadfall” (1993), and “Halloween” (2007). His career has been active since 1956.

Have you ever wondered how rich Micky Dolenz is, as of early 2016? According to sources, it is estimated that the overall size of Dolenz’s net worth is $7 million. He has been accumulating it through his career in the entertainment industry as a musician and actor now spanning almost 60 years.

Micky Dolenz Net Worth $7 Million

Micky Dolenz was born into a famous family, as his father George starred in the main role in the TV series “The Count Of Monte Cristo”, and his mother Janelle Johnson was an actress as well. Thus, Dolenz’s professional acting career began when he was only 10 years old, starring in the children’s show “Circus Boy” (1956-57). Simultaneously he attended Ulysses S. Grant High School in Valley Glen, Los Angeles, matriculating in 1962. Later, he enrolled at college in LA, but he quit education to further his acting and musical careers.

In 1964 he secured a role in TV series “Mr. Novak”, and a year later in “Peyton Place”. In 1966, he was selected as the drummer for the band The Monkees, the struggles and success of which were shown in the NBC`s TV series of the same name. The show aired for two seasons, becoming the main source of Micky`s net worth. During the show, The Monkees started a successful career, releasing nine albums before their disbandment. Their first self-titled release came out in 1966, topping the US charts, and eventually reaching five times platinum status. One after another, their albums topped the charts, “More Of The Monkees” (1966), “Headquarters” (1967), and “Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd” (1967), also reaching platinum status, which only further increased Micky`s net worth. After these successes, their popularity started to decline, and after the 1970 album “Changes”, the band ceased to exist. They tried several reunions, and released two more albums, however, with no major success.

After The Monkees, Micky returned to full-time acting, landing roles in productions such as “The Night of the Strangler” (1972), “Keep Off My Grass!” (1975), “Linda Lovelace for President” (1975). However, he became more focused on voice acting, lending his voice to characters from such series as “Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels” (1977-1980), “Batman: The Animated Series” (1992), “The Tick” (1994-1995), “The Secret Files of the SpyDogs” (1998-1999) among others, all of which added to his net worth.
His last venture as an actor was in Rob Zombie`s “Halloween” from 2007, as Derek Allen, with Malcolm McDowell and Tyler Mane in lead roles.

Micky has also released two studio albums as a solo artist – “Micky Dolenz Puts You To Sleep” (1991), and “Broadway Micky” (1994), which also added to his net worth.
Speaking about his personal life, Micky Dolenz has been married to Donna Quinter since 2002. Previously he was married to Samantha Juste (1968-75) with whom he had a daughter – Smantha passed away in 2014.He was also married to Trina Dow (1977-91) – they have three daughters. In free time he enjoys motorcycling.

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