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May 27, 2023
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Michael Wright was born on the 30th April 1956 in New York City, New York, USA of African and American descent, and is a television and movie actor, perhaps best known for his role of Eddie King, Jr., in the movie entitled “The Five Heartbeats” (1991), directed by Robert Townsend. He has also appeared in the NBC series “Miami Vice” and the HBO series “Oz”. His career began in the late 1970s.

Have you ever wondered how rich Michael Wright is? According to authoritative sources, it is estimated that the overall amount of Michael Wright’s net worth is equal to $500,000. The main source of this sum is coming from his successful acting career and appearances in a number of TV series and films. One more source has been his involvement in the project video game “Batman: Dark Tomorrow”.


Michael Wright Net Worth $500,000

Michael Wright was raised in New York City, with two brothers, by his mother Alberta Wright, who worked as the proprietor of the restaurant named “Jezebel”. He attended elementary and high school, shortly after which his acting career began in 1979, with the role of Clinton in the film “Wanderer” (1979), which also featured Ken Wahl and Karen Allen.

Two years later, Michael appeared in the TV movie “We’re Fighting Back” (1981), and in the same year, he was cast in the film “Dream House” (1981), adding to his net worth.

Little by little his career progressed, and new roles came his way. In 1984 he was cast in the TV series “V: The Final Battle” (1984). The same year Michael was featured in the film “Streamers”, for which he won the Best Actor award, shared with other cast members Guy Boyd, George Dzundza, David Alan Grier, Mitchell Lichtenstein, and Mathew Modine.

Afterwards, he appeared in the film “Principal” (1987), alongside John Belushi and Rae Dawn Chong. During the 1990s Michael was cast in a number of productions, such as the films “The Five Heartbeats” (1991), “Confessions Of A Hitman” (1994), “The Cottonwood” (1996), and “Money Talks” (1997).

Michael`s next role that increased his net worth was the 2001 production of “Oz” as a TV series, in which he was cast as Omar White.

To speak further of his career, Michael was featured in the films “Downtown: A Street Tale” (2004), “The Inerpreter” (2005), “Blood On The Wall$” (2005), “Coalition” (2004), “Dimished Capacity” (2008), “Jesse” (2011), and others, all of which have contributed to Michael`s overall net worth.

In recent years, Michael was featured in films “Good Brutha Bad Brutha” (2013), “D`Curse” (2013), and the TV series “Stich” (2014).

Overall, Michael`s career has been rather successful, as he ahas appeared in over 45 TV and film titles, which became the main source of his net worth during a career which has so far lasted for more than 35 years.

When it comes to his personal life, Michael Wright married Mitzie Lau in November of 1994, and the couple has one child, but, they divorced in 2000. Currently, there is no information in the media about Michael’s personal life.

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