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April 18, 2024
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Jesse Riedel, widely recognized as simply Jesser in the gaming community, has gained significant acclaim as a prominent gaming YouTuber. His fame primarily stems from captivating gaming videos, showcasing his expertise in basketball, NBA 2K, and various challenges. Previously known as JesserTheLazer, he’s seamlessly transitioned into the gaming landscape, becoming a notable member of both the 2HYPE and 100 Thieves groups.

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Within the 2HYPE collective, Jesse collaborates with fellow members including ZackTTG, Jiedel, CashNasty, Kristopher London, and Moochie, contributing to the group’s dynamic content and shared success.

But beyond his gaming persona, who is Jesse Riedel, and what factors contribute to his widespread popularity and admiration within the gaming community? Let’s delve into his background and explore his career, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the gamer who has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Early Personal Life

Born Jesse Riedel on 27 March 1999, he hails from Los Angeles, California. His family includes his father, Guy Riedel (a film producer by profession), and an older brother named James, affectionately known as Jiedel. Details about their mother remain undisclosed.

Both Jesser and Jiedel are integral members of the 2Hype community, a collective of video game players and YouTube celebrities who not only collaborate on content but also share a residence, known as the 2Hype house. Often referred to as the Jesser brothers, they’ve created a significant presence within this dynamic group.



Jesse’s educational journey led him through a local high school in Los Angeles, California, although specific details about the school he attended remain unclear.

During his formative years, his passion for online gaming and basketball became evident, steering him towards the decision to forge a career as a professional gamer.

Opting to forgo college, Jesse chose to focus on developing his YouTube career and honing additional talents in digital marketing and online gaming. His commitment to continuous learning is highlighted by his current pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, a testament to his dedication to both academic and professional growth.

As of 2024, Jesse is actively balancing his educational pursuits with a flourishing career in YouTube and basketball, showcasing his ability to navigate multiple facets of his interests and ambitions.


Jesse has made a notable mark as a distinguished YouTuber and avid gamer. Although he launched his YouTube channel in 2012, his inaugural video didn’t grace the platform until August 2013. Entitled ‘Stalkatron 9000,’ this first upload garnered an impressive 238,000 views, setting the stage for Jesse’s engaging content.

Subsequent videos, such as ‘Minecraft How to hide your chest from X-ray and chest,’ quickly gained popularity, amassing close to 100,000 views.

A passionate gamer, Jesse ventured into the realm of Counter-Strike with his video ‘Killing noobs in CSGO from CSGO God!’ This marked the beginning of a consistent stream of content that has contributed to his widespread recognition.

Jesse has particularly become renowned for his prowess in the game ‘NBA 2K,’ regularly sharing captivating videos of his gameplay, often featuring matchups against fellow gamers on YouTube, strategically monetizing the engaging content he produces.

His foray into NBA-related content started on 19 April 2014, with the release of ‘NBA 2K14 in Real Life,’ a video that swiftly gained popularity, accumulating an impressive 406, 000 views. Jesse’s commitment to delivering engaging and diverse content has undoubtedly contributed to his success in the online gaming community.

The basketball gameplay videos swiftly gained popularity, capturing the same level of excitement and amusement as his real-life basketball content. This strategic diversification contributed to a significant surge in subscriber numbers within a short timeframe, helping him to become the famous YouTuber he is today.


Jesse’s engaging content resonated with viewers, leading to a rapid increase in subscribers, surpassing the impressive milestone of 1.7 million within a few years. By March 2020, his channel had further flourished, boasting over 2.81 million dedicated subscribers.

Beyond individual success, Jesse and his collective, 2HYPE, collaborated with several NBA stars, fostering unique connections within the basketball community. As a fervent Los Angeles Clippers fan, Jesse’s passion for the sport and his team shines through in his content.

The substantial viewership on his channel is a testament to the widespread enjoyment of Jesse’s content, reflecting the strong connection he has established with millions of viewers who eagerly anticipate and appreciate the diverse content he consistently delivers.

Jesse’s NBA-related content has resonated profoundly with viewers, with notable videos such as ‘2HYPE Official Basketball Game,’ ‘1 V 1 Basketball vs NBA superstar James Harden,’ ‘House 2 V 2 Mini Basketball! Gone Wrong,’ and ‘Insane Basketball Mini Hoop Dunk Contest’ collectively amassed over 6 million views.


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On 1 October 2016, Jesse uploaded a video entitled ‘Breaking Basketball World Records!’ that garnered an impressive 5.7 million views. In collaboration with his 2HYPE team, they successfully attempted and succeeded at breaking a world record. Additionally, on 12 March 2020, 2HYPE set another record by smashing watermelons with their heads in under a minute, adding a unique and memorable element to their content.

Jesse manages a trio of YouTube channels, each catering to distinct interests within his diverse audience. His primary channel boasts an impressive 17 million subscribers, featuring engaging content centred around his basketball career and challenge videos, such as the heartwarming gesture of gifting 100 YouTubers with incredible presents for Christmas. This channel serves as a hub for the vibrant community following Jesse’s captivating journey and unique challenges.

On his second channel, JSR, Jesse has cultivated a dedicated audience of 2.3 million subscribers, where he continues to share compelling content tailored to a specific niche.

Additionally, Jesser Gaming, his third channel, has garnered a following of over 230,000 subscribers, even though no content has been uploaded as of now. This channel holds the potential for future expansion, providing an avenue for Jesse to explore and share additional facets of his interests with his audience.

The collective subscriber count across these channels underscores Jesse’s broad reach and the varied content he offers to his diverse viewer base.


Interesting Facts

Beyond gaming, Jesse generously shares glimpses of his personal life, often posting pictures with his parents and brother.

Jesse proudly owns an Audi R8 Spyder, which he showcased to his viewers in a video on January 16, 2020, providing an intimate glimpse into his personal interests and lifestyle.

A devoted basketball enthusiast, Jesse passionately supports the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA, reflecting his love for the sport and allegiance to his favorite team.

In a moment of professional achievement, Jesse celebrated a significant milestone in August 2023 when he was honored with the title of Sports Creator of the Year at the prestigious Streamy Awards.

Adding a touch of joy to his personal life, Jesse delightedly shared the news with his fans in October that a new furry member had joined his family – an adorable Dachshund puppy named Winston.

Diversifying his ventures, Jesse realized a lifelong dream in September 2023 by announcing the launch of his own shoe brand, the Bucketsquad 1, on Instagram. This milestone marked a year-long endeavour and a significant achievement for Jesse in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Recognizing his influential presence on YouTube, Jesse received the Silver Play Button in February 2017, and the Golden Play Button in March 2018, underlining his substantial impact and widespread viewer appreciation.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jesse’s personal preferences include a fondness for the colour blue, and a love for global travel, with London holding a special place as his favourite destination.

Later Personal Life

Jesse has had noteworthy romantic connections, including a brief relationship with fellow YouTuber Iman Awann, who shares his passion for gaming. While their time together was short-lived, they shared numerous pictures on their social media platforms during their relationship.

Presently, social media posts suggest that Jesse is in a relationship with Christina Trexler, a 22-year-old coder. As highlighted in a May 2022 tweet thread, Christina studied at MIT for two years, and holds a B.S. in computer science and mathematics. On Twitter, she expressed her diverse interests in research, software development, product management, marketing, and data analysis.


Christina publicly celebrated Jesse’s achievements, particularly ahead of the All-Stars game, when she reflected on his fulfilment of two lifelong goals – hitting 10 million subscribers on YouTube and playing in the NBA celebrity game. Her tweets conveyed a heartfelt acknowledgement of Jesse’s dedication and perseverance.

The couple enjoyed Christmas together, celebrating with their cherished ‘animal baby,’ Winston. These glimpses into Jesse’s personal life provide a warm and positive perspective on his relationships, emphasizing shared achievements and the joy found in special moments with loved ones.

Physical Characteristics

As a successful basketball player, Jesse isn’t very tall, reaching 5ft 9ins (179cms); he weighs about 147lbs (67kgs). He has bright blue eyes and light brown hair.

Net Worth

Thanks to his years of hard work and dedication to his career as a content creator, Jesse has an impressive estimated net worth of $4 million, as of early 2024.

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