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June 13, 2023
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Matthew James Bellamy was born on the 9th June 1978, in Cambridge, the UK and is the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist of the alternative rock group British Muse. His voice is tenor covering 3.5 octaves, plus his outstanding capabilities to play the piano and guitar makes him the leader of the group. Bellamy has been active in the entertainment industry since 1994.

How much is the net worth of Matthew Bellamy? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the overall size of his wealth is as much as $12 million, as of the data presented in late 2016. Singing, song writing and music production are the main source of Bellamy’s fortune and popularity.

Matthew Bellamy Net Worth $12 Million

To begin with, Matthew Bellamy was raised with his older brother Paul in Cambridge until the age of 10, when his family moved to the county of Devon. Although he started playing the piano at the age of five, his interest in music really began at 13, when his parents separated and he felt the need to fill the absence of his musician father. Under the influence of the latter, he started playing the guitar at 14. He spent his adolescence in the town of Teignmouth, Devon, living with his mother, but subsequently graduated with honours from the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London.

Concerning his professional career, Bellamy is mostly known for his participation in the band Muse, which was established in 1994. The band consists of vocalist, guitarist and pianist Matthew Bellamy, drummer Dominic Howard and bassist Chris Wolstenholme. Their first studio album entitled “Showbiz” was released in 1999; the band was at that time often compared with another British rock band, Radiohead. Their second studio album “Origin of Symmetry” was released in 2001, and rose to 3rd place in the UK Albums Chart, and achieved platinum status, and the singles “Plug In Baby” and “New Born” both entered the top 20 of the UK Singles Chart. Two years later, their 3rd studio album “Absolution” (2003) hit the music charts in the UK; the lyrics of the album deal with conspiracy theories and political and scientific beliefs. In 2009, the band released the studio album “The Resistance”, that reached number one on the Dutch and Belgian charts. The most recent studio album – “Drones” – was released in the middle of 2015, and won a Grammy Award as the Best Rock Album in 2016. The Muse’s music is described as alternative rock, progressive rock and space rock, actually a mixture of (hard) rock with classical influences that is sometimes supplemented with electronic music in their later work. Another feature is the bombastic and pretentiousness in their music, which is also reflected in the performances of the band. Bellamy often uses his falsetto voice and writes on topics like love, conspiracy theories, alien and political issues. Clearly the bulk of Matthews’ net worth has come from his association with Muse.

Finally, in the personal life of Matthew Bellamy, he was in a relationship with the psychologist Gaia Polloni, but the two separated in 2009. In 2011, Matthew married the actress Kate Hudson; they have a son but in 2014 they divorced. At the beginning of 2015, Bellamy started a new relationship with the model and actress Elle Evans.

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