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March 7, 2023
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The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson - Production Stills Credit: Netflix

Malcolm Michaels was born on 24 August 1945, in Elizabeth, New Jersey USA, and was best known as Marsha P. Johnson, an American activist for gay rights and a drag queen who founded Gay Liberation Front and the established the gay and trans advocacy, Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries. She passed away in 1992.

So just how rich was Marsha P. Johnson? According to authoritative sources, this activist had net worth of $3 million which was accumulated from her career in the previously mentioned fields.

Marsha P. Johnson Net Worth $3 million

Johnson was born into a religious family, and was raised by her single mother with her sister; she stated that she wore dresses from the age of five, but was harassed as a child. She remained religious throughout her whole life, being dedicated to Catholicism. She reportedly came out as gay to her mother, who had a negative response to this, and after matriculation from high school, Johnson moved to Greenwich Village in New York City, where she spent some time working at a restaurant. Subsequently, Marsha went on to start her career as a drag queen, and performed at New York drag events, where she was known as Black Marsha, but nevertheless, stated that she didn’t do drag seriously, as she didn’t have enough money for it, and made her costumes from second-hand clothes.

Marsha was living in poor conditions, and ended up on streets of New York by 1966. On 28 June 1969, the Stonewall riots happened – a series of violent demonstrations by the LGBT community – and many credit Marsha for being the one who started it, which she denied, saying that the riots had already been going on by the time she arrived there. The event was the result of the US gay population’s protest as they were treated differently from the rest of American citizens. In 1972, Marsha was responsible for establishing S.T.A.R. house, which was the first shelter for gay and transgender youth, and the previously mentioned organizations paid their rent with the money they made as sex workers. Johnson was an important figure in the organization, as she was providing young members of the LGBT community with food, clothes and other necessities, and despite the short life of the S.T.A.R. house, it became memorable.

In 1975, Marsha was photographed by the legendary artist Andy Warhol as a part of his series ‘’Ladies and Gentlemen’’. In addition, Marsha was a part of the Hot Peaches, a New York-based performance troupe, and continued with street activism during the ‘80s, and was the organizer of ACT UP, an international group which was an advocate for the rights of people with AIDS.

Marsha died shortly after the gay pride march in 1992. Her body was found in the Hudson river, however, the exact cause of her death remains unknown as the police thought of it as suicide, but Johnson’s friends denied it, stating that she wasn’t suicidal. Nevertheless, the authorities assumed that Marsha may have had hallucinations which led her to jump into the river. Her body was later on cremated, and her ashes were spread into the river where her body was found floating. However, Marsha’s legacy doesn’t end here, as only ten days prior to her death she had an interview, which is the central focus of ‘’ Pay it No Mind: The Life and Times of Marsha P. Johnson’’, a documentary which was released in 2012. In 2017, a documentary film entitled ‘’The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson’’ was released, based on the story of a transgender woman by Victoria Cruz as she follows the investigation about Marsha’s death.

When it comes to Marsha’s private life, we do not have much information regarding that topic, as she didn’t make public any information about relationships. She stated how she remained close to Jesus Christ throughout her whole life and said that she was ‘’married to him’’. Johnson was mentally unstable in the early ‘70s, and reportedly had mental breakdowns.

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