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January 27, 2024
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Marc Steven Bell, was born on the 15th July 1952, in New York City, USA, and better known by his stage name Marky Ramone, is a musician, drummer and songwriter, probably best recognized for being a part of Ramones, one of the most popular punk rock bands of all time. He is also known as a producer and actor. His career has been active since 1971.

So, have you ever wondered how rich Marky Ramone is, as of mid-2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the total size of Marky’s net worth is over $2 million, accumulated through his successful involvement in the music industry, and another source is coming from his involvement in the film industry as a producer and actor. He has also designed his own line of clothes with Tommy Hilfiger, and invented a recipe for pasta sauce which is called “Marky Ramone’s Brooklyn’s Own Pasta Sauce”, which also had an effect on the increase of his net worth; he has also published his autobiography.

Marky Ramone Net Worth $2 Million

Marky Ramone spent his childhood in his hometown, where he attended primary school and matriculated from Erasmus Hall High School. While still in high school, he became interested in music and began learning to play the drums. Soon, he joined a hard rock, high school band from Brooklyn, called Dust. While Ramone was a part of it, the band released two albums – “Dust” (1971) and “Hard Attack” (1972), but after the second one, they decided to disband. However, this marked the beginning of an increase to his net worth. Afterwards, Marky met the DJ of the local club, Wayne County and formed a new band with her, Wayne County and the Backstreet Boys. The band wasn’t that successful, and after a year and a half they disbanded. He was then professionally involved with Richard Hell, Bob Quine and Ivan Julian and they formed a new band – Richard Hell and the Voidoids. They were fairly prosperous, so they were called to join The Clash on their tour across the U.K.
In no time, a member of one of the most remarkable punk rock bands of all time – Dee Dee Ramone of the Ramones – asked Marky to join the band as their drummer. He recorded with the band three albums, with some of the greatest hits being “I Wanna Be Sedated” (1978) and “End Of The Century” (1980), and went on several tours before he had to leave the band due to his drinking problems. After four years, he re-joined, and stayed with them until they fell apart in 1996, meantime releasing such albums as “Brain Drain” (1989), “Mondo Bizarro” (1992), and “¡Adios Amigos!” (1995), among others, all of which added a considerable amount to his net worth.

To talk further about his career, after the retirement of Ramones, Marky continued to collaborate with his colleagues from the band. Firstly, he founded The Ramainz, a band which performed Ramones’ songs with Dee Dee Ramone. After that, he was a guest on Joey Ramone’s solo album “Don’t Worry About Me”, then a few years later, Marky formed his own band called Marky Ramone and the Intruders, and they recorded two albums. In recent years, he is still touring with this band, increasing further his net worth.

Besides his musical career, Marky has also appeared in several TV series and film titles as an actor and producer. For instance, he was the executive producer of two documentaries about Ramones – “Ramones Around The World” (1993) and “Ramones Raw” (2004) and he guest-starred in “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” (1979), “The Simpsons” (1993), and “The Brooklyn Boys” (2002), among other titles, all of which increased his net worth. In addition, he was heard on radio as the host of the popular show “Punk Rock Blitzkrieg”. Moreover, he wrote his autobiographical book entitled “Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone”, which was published in 2015.

Thanks to his obvious talent and noticeable skills, he has been nominated for and won several prestigious awards, including the 2011 Grammy for his lifetime achievement, and has hand prints on the Hollywood Rock Walk, plus was inducted as a member of the Ramones into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

Regarding his personal life, Marky Ramone has been married to his childhood sweetheart Marion Flynn since 1984. The couple lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York City.

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