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January 23, 2024
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Mark Vincent Hurd was born on 1 January 1957 in Flushing, New York City USA, and is a businessman who is probably best known as a co-CEO, director, and board member of Oracle Corporation, which has definitely had the biggest impact on his total net worth. He was also a chairman, CEO and president of Hewlett-Packard.

So, just how rich is Mark Hurd? Well, the American’s net worth is estimated to be over $35 million by sources, the larger part of his wealth having come from his involvement in big and lucrative companies such as NCR, HP and Oracle. Being the Oracle president, his annual salary is over $2 million in addition to a $7.3 million cash bonus, much of which is attached to stock price in order to push executives to progress company performance. He has a huge home in Palo Alto, California, a 6,401 square feet residence with six baths and five bedrooms which Mark bought for $7.1million, but the value now is around $8 million.

Mark Hurd Net Worth $35 Million

He spent his childhood in Flushing, then attended Baylor University thanks to the tennis scholarship he received. The scholarship was a very important part of his life and a huge success, which he mentions in his CV and at every occasion, having also contributed to the renovation of the university’s tennis centre. He graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration, after which he joined NCR, and spent 25 years there, beginning as a very junior salesman and culminating in his last two years as CEO and president. He was obviously very successful as confirmed especially by the company’s revenue increasing significantly, and so of course his own net worth.

Then, he moved to HP in 2005, and became CEO and President, and was initially on the board of directors befoe also becoming chairman in late 2006. Mark is commonly recognized as the one who turned Hewlett-Packard around, certainly in the short-term, by effecting widespread efficiencies, but in the longer term some unwise acquisitions and lack of internal development was apparently part of the reason he resigned, also after an alleged affair and inappropriate use of expenses, but his salary and leaving ‘bonus’ substantially contributed to his net worth.

Within a month, in September 2010, Mark was appointed as co-President at Oracle Corporation; in September 2014 he was appointed co-CEO. He is known to rise early every day without an alarm clock, being very dedicated to his job and because he supposedly wants to wake up before his competitors.

Mark Hurd is known for bringing success and generally increased profit to every company that he has worked for. Additionally, he has co-written the book “The Value Factor: How Global Leaders Use Information for Growth and Competitive Advantage” with Lars Nyberg.

Concerning his personal life, he is married to Paula, and they have two daughters, and live in California. He is known to be a very reserved person and hardly ever talks about his personal life in his interviews with the media. However, he is very active on social networks, especially on LinkedIn with over 160,000 followers.

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