Los Tigres Del Norte Net Worth

June 11, 2023
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Mexican norteno group Los Tigres del Norte pose for an undated promotional photo provided by Rogers and Cowan. To speak about norteno music without thinking about Los Tigers del Norte is practically impossible. In more than three decades they have sold more than 32 million albums, recorded more than 55, telling immigrants' stories of love, deception and treachery. (AP Photo/Rogers and Cowan, HO)

Los Tigres del Norte is a band ensemble formed in the early 1960s, originating from San Jose, California, which plays polka-like Mexican music called norteño, which is focused on telling stories through singing. The band currently consists of Jorge Hernandez, Hernan Hernandez, Eduardo Hernandez, Luis Hernandez and Oscar Lara.

Have you ever wondered how rich Los Tigres del North is, as of late 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Los Tigres del Norte`s net worth is as high as $50 million, an amount earned through a successful career in the music industry; so far the band has released over 40 studio albums and sold more than 30 million records.

Los Tigres del Norte Net Worth $50 Million

The group was formed in the 1960s, on the initiation of Jorge Hernandez; he summoned his brothers and cousins and they soon started performing together while still in their teens. The group found a sponsor in Art Walker who signed them to his Discos Fama label. Los Tigres del Norte was initially successful in San Jose, but since the early 1970s their expansion began, with the song “Contrabando y traicion”, released in 1974. Since then, the group has become extremely popular, which has only increased their net worth.

Some of the most popular releases include “La Banda Del Carro Rojo” (1975), “Vivan Los Mojados” (1977), “Numero Ocho” (1978), “Carrera Contra La Muerte” (1983), “El Otro México” (1986), “Para Adoloridos” (1990), “La Garra De” (1993), “Los Dos Plebes” (1994), “Uniendo Fronteras” (2001), “La reina del Sur” (2002), “Pacto De Sangre” (2004), “Raices” (2008), and their most recent release – “Ataud” (2016).
Apart from numerous concerts and other media events, Los Tigres del Norte have shown their musical talents in several Spanish language films, such as “La Banda Del Carro Rojo” (1976), “La Puerta Negra” (1987), “La Camioneta Gris” (1989), “Amor A La Medida” (1992), and “La Misma Luna” (2008), among others, all of which have added to group`s net worth.

The group is also known for their long live performances; they set the record for playing 12 hours without a break at the Annual Expo Guadalupe in 2009.

Thanks to their success, the group has received six Latin Grammy Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame thanks to their contribution to music.

Regarding the personal lives of the group’s respective members, most intimate details about group`s members are unknown in the media.
Los Tigres del Norte are well known philanthropists; they started Los Tigres del Norte Foundation, which focuses on preserving Mexican and Mexican-American folklore. Also their foundation has donated $500,000 to the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, among many other donations.

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