Les Gold Net Worth

February 8, 2023
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Les Gold is a well known TV personality, writer and public speaker. He is famous for appearing on the show, called “Hardcore Pawn”. What is more, Les is known for owning the company, called “American Jewelry and Loan”. All of his family is involved in this business and help to improve this empire. If too talk more about his family, it could be said that Les is married to Lili Gold and they have 2 children. He lives in a mansion that has 5 bedrooms and is built in the area where many celebrities’ homes are located. If you think how rich is Les Gold, it could be said that Les’ net worth is $5 million. There is a high chance that Les Gold’s net worth will grow in the future, as he still continues his business and is trying to improve it step by step.

Les Gold Net Worth $5 Million

Leslie Gold, also known as Les Gold, was born in 1950, in Michigan. Gold’s grandfather was a successful pawnbroker, who also had the company, called “Sam’s Loans”. It was the company where Les made his first sale, while he was only 7 years old. Later, when he studied at Hebrew School, he created is own so called business by buying pizzas and later reselling them. In 1978 he opened the “American Jewelry and Loan”. It became so successful that now it has more than 50 people working there and welcomes a lot of customers a day. It is not a secret that this company is the main source of Les Gold’s net worth.

As it was mentioned before, Les is also famous for appearing in the show, “Hardcore Pawn” The idea to create this kind of show came to Richard Dominick, who once saw the TV advertisement made by Gold. He told the idea to the Gold’s family and they soon accepted the suggestion to create a reality show. IT aired in 2010 and soon gained a lot of popularity and acclaim. Although it also receives some criticism, it still adds a lot to Gold’s net worth. In addition to this, Les released his autobiography, called “For What It’s Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker”. This book also gained a lot of success and Les’ net worth grow. Another thing which should be mentioned about Les Gold is that he supports the organization, called “The Heat and Warmth Fund” also known as “THAW Fund”.

All in all, it could be said that Les Gold is one of the most successful pawnbrokers who was able to create a very big and successful family business and still continues working hard in order to improve it and gain even more acclaim. There is a high chance that Les Gold’s net worth will become a lot higher in the future.Les has all the help from his family in order to make it happen. Undoubtedly, he known how to create and maintain a successful business and will share this with hiss children and others in the family.

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